What Software Developers Look For in an Employer

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 07/20/2023

What Software Developers Look For in an Employer

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 07/20/2023
What Software Developers Want in an Employer

Facing the impacts of an unpredictable and ever-changing economy, candidates have developed new standards that they look for in employers. Software developers are no different, and knowing the value of their skillset, they have specific conditions that they expect companies to meet. To attract the top software developers in the job market, employers must evaluate if they are meeting these expectations. Below, we highlight some of the key elements that software developers look for in an employer. 

Elements to Consider


A yearly survey of thousands of engineers conducted by StackOverflow has consistently revealed flexibility as one of the key elements to recruiting the best software developers. Now on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, developers desire a work-life balance that promotes a healthy lifestyle. A majority of developers would even prefer a flexible schedule over a higher salary package. Flexibility does not necessarily mean fully remote work, with 71% of developers preferring a mix of home and office work. A flexible employer also does not require a strict 9-to-5 and by doing so, strengthens the company culture by valuing the wellness of their employees. The best thing organizations can do in the hiring process is to consider and accommodate the preferences of new developers regarding their schedules.  

Growth Opportunities

Today’s tech industry is filled with new innovations and challenges, and the best developers want to be working hands-on with them. A survey conducted by Hired found that for 72.2% of respondents, new challenges and continuous learning are their biggest motivators. Thus, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide its developers with opportunities to challenge themselves and grow their skillset. Furthermore, the same Hired survey found that more than half of developers say it is important for employers to provide professional development opportunities. In today’s job market, the top tech talent is going to employers that provide their software developers with opportunities for growth personally and within the company. 

Meaningful Work

Following the various transformative events of 2020, software developers are seeking ways to find purpose and infuse meaning in the work they do. Called the “Great Reflection,” developers are becoming increasingly passionate about using their coding skills to solve issues in public health, education, and climate change to name a few. In other words, software developers want to feel a sense of purpose when they go to work. Employers can provide this in various ways, but some good first steps are to be transparent with employees about social initiatives within the company, foster a diverse work environment with different perspectives, and listen to what type of projects employees want to be working on. 


As AI innovations continue to expand their reach, the role of the software developer is augmenting to complement this new tech. With developers pouring time and effort into expanding their skillsets, salary and benefits are still prominent factors for candidates deciding where to work. Especially amidst widespread financial insecurity, candidates want to know they will have stability when they sign a contract. In one survey, 65% of developers looking for a new role were doing so to earn better pay. Employers that do not offer competitive salaries and benefits will have a tough time attracting and retaining top software developers.  

How Momentum Can Help

Today’s best software developers are actively seeking opportunities that feature the characteristics discussed above. Candidates in tech want adequate compensation, though they are willing to forgo some levels of it for more flexibility, growth opportunities, and a purposeful work environment. Adding these elements to your company culture and recruitment strategy will pay dividends. To strengthen your strategy, Momentum can assist your company in sourcing, training, and hiring the top software developers on the market. For any questions related to attracting and retaining talent, contact us today. 

Contributions by Aaron Messer

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