Does Momentum teach AI and ML?

By The Momentum Team ● 03/30/2023

Does Momentum teach AI and ML?

By The Momentum Team ● 03/30/2023
Does Momentum teach AI and ML?

As we continue to see mentions of artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout the news, the uncertainty surrounding the future of AI and ML has left many feeling uneasy. For example, a recent study by Goldman Sachs has led experts to predict a massive disruption to the labor market across industries, as an estimated 300 million jobs are expected to be impacted by the capabilities of AI. 

With all this news and uncertainty, we are constantly being asked, “Does Momentum teach AI?” To answer the question simply, no, Momentum does not teach AI. But let’s rephrase the question to: “What would it mean to teach AI?” In that case, whether you are eager to enter the AI/ML space or wary of the future of AI as a tech professional, Momentum is the best place to start your journey.

Building Foundational Knowledge

Before you can create and contribute to AI or ML models, you must first know how to code. Software development skills and knowledge of programming languages are essential in creating and understanding AI and ML, in addition to experience in mathematics, data analysis, adaptability, and more. Luckily, Momentum’s 16-week, full-time software engineering program is tailor-made for situations just like this.

Momentum’s four-month program is split into four phases: Introduction to Web Development, Back-End Development, Advanced Front-End and Back-End, and Agile Development. Throughout these four phases, students dive into various areas of web development, learning and using technologies like Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. As students build their skillsets and their own web applications, the final phase gives them a chance to create a unique, one-of-a-kind application as a team. For some students, like Chuck Wines, the final project gave him a chance to explore the world of AI.

Using AI and ML for Final Projects

Chuck graduated from Momentum in 2019, and for his final project, his team created an image classifier that was supported on mobile camera and identified North Carolina insect species based on a user’s uploaded photo. 

Here’s what Chuck had to say about it, 

“I created a machine learning algorithm (a Convolutional Neural Network). Most, if not all, ML code is written in Python, one of the languages Momentum teaches. Also, the basics of coding are essential for any ML work – especially data structures, algorithms, the web, etc. While Momentum doesn’t teach the exact skills for ML, it teaches all the prerequisites and the foundations for any career in computer science.”

Preparing for the Future of Tech with Momentum

While the future of the tech industry remains unknown, with or without AI, Momentum has the proven track record to set you up for success as a software developer. No matter where you are on your tech journey, the Momentum team is here to help. You have many choices to learn how to code. Make the right one, and apply to Momentum today.

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