Staying Home and Working as a Software Engineer

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 11/30/2020

Staying Home and Working as a Software Engineer

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 11/30/2020

Tech jobs are progressively recovering and software engineering roles are steadily rising in the remote work environment.

Momentum, in partnership with Clarkston Consulting, is proud to be the Report Sponsor for NC TECH’s IT Job Trends Report. Each month NC TECH releases a monthly Tech Talent/ IT Jobs snapshot which captures the environment for tech employment in North Carolina. In September 2020, data demonstrated that software engineering is a top hard skill in the North Carolina market, with over 50% growth compared to the same time period in 2019.

Working as a software engineer offers a unique opportunity to have a secure job with the benefit of remote work flexibility. Almost all work can be done online and agile teams collaborate virtually. According to a recent LinkedIn report, 85% of software and IT professionals were confident they could work from home effectively and 82% were confident the industry could be effective remotely.

While some professional roles are staying home in the short-term, many software engineers can make working remotely a long-term reality. The flexible work is indeed why career changers get into working as a software engineer.

For Momentum graduate Craig, predictable work hours and an industry suited for flexible work arrangements were top reasons he career changed into tech. Craig explained, “Having a career in tech is less about being able to earn an income. It’s more about being able to be happy as you do so and having the flexibility in tech to be able to spend time with your family.” Before his career in tech, working eleven hour days – plus weekends – in grueling conditions was the norm. Now more than ever, the benefits of working as a software engineer are meaningful to Craig.

Today’s candidates, particularly parents, crave that remote work effectiveness and work schedule flexibility from employers. Monster recently surveyed parents on how companies can best support them during COVID-19. 75% of parents said work schedule flexibility would go a long way. Working as a software engineer means online career paths that can work for you and your family during this uncertain time. For Craig, navigating the remote world during the pandemic, “The hours are great, the support system is great. I’m very, very happy.”

Career options like working as a software engineer open the possibility of not having to choose between pursuing a dream job and finding a secure job in the short term. Before the COVID pandemic, roles in software engineering ranked among the most in-demand. Software engineers have continued to be among the highest in demand during COVID. In August 2020, a LinkedIn report ranked software engineer as the No. 2 most in-demand job. As our reliance on technology increased during the pandemic, so did our need for software engineers. Fortunately, employees can be very effective in this role remotely.

In August 2020, a LinkedIn report ranked software engineer as the No. 2 most in-demand job.

For QA Engineer Hank, staying home and working effectively has been relatively seamless. The Momentum graduate told us, “There really hasn’t been much of a transition. We do everything online now and if we meet, we meet virtually, but we still have the same scrum ceremonies where we meet together at the same times. I would say nothing’s really changed except the fact that we’re seeing each other’s faces on screens.” With so many software engineers working remotely before the pandemic, the move to the remote world has been a relatively easy pivot (if a pivot at all) that’s enabled teams to progress effectively.

Momentum is excited to help career changers make the transition to working as a software engineer and experiencing the benefits of effective remote work. Our 16-week, full stack course preps you for the remote world with a 100% virtual learning experience and proven advice for remote job searching. Contact us today to learn more about how our course preps you for long-term career success.

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