Understanding the Source, Train, Hire Timeline

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/31/2023

Understanding the Source, Train, Hire Timeline

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/31/2023

Momentum’s Source, Train, Hire model is a unique and proactive way to approach talent acquisition. Partnering with Momentum can help your business curate new tech talent while diversifying your team and filling the skills gap in your organization. As you consider leveraging Momentum’s services for your talent cultivation, let’s first explore the Source, Train, Hire timeline and provide some insight into what the process may look like for your business.

When you sign on to be a partner, together we will align on your business’s hiring goals and specific training needs. From there, we will source and train your team before you have the opportunity to hire these graduates full-time.

Below, we describe the four steps of our Source, Train, Hire process:

Step 1: Source Qualified Candidates

In the first step of the process, we work with you to define your hiring goals and needs. From there, we socialize the sponsorship opportunity with prospective candidates. We then source and vet qualified candidates for training before your team ultimately makes the final selection. Our goal is to take the recruiting burden away from your team, as we recruit, vet, and present candidates to you. Once the selection has been made, we contact candidates to offer your sponsorship, and candidates who accept will commit to joining your team upon graduation.

Step 2: Train Candidates in Software Development

Once candidates have been selected, they will go through Momentum’s rigorous 16-week software engineering program. The program is divided into four phases where students will learn web development basics followed by front- and back-end development. From there, candidates dig deeper into the aspects of development that interest them the most or are most needed on your team through a team final project. Notably, monthly progress updates on each candidate are provided to your team throughout the four-month training. Once the training has been successfully completed, candidates will graduate as software developers ready to join your team.

Step 3: Hire Successful Code School Graduates

Upon candidates’ successful completion of Momentum’s software engineering training, your team will finalize offers for candidates. These candidates will then join your team as a unified cohort.

Here’s what one of our partners, James Goerke, at Salesforce had to say:

The Momentum grads we have on our team have blossomed into filling critical delivery roles in an exceptionally short time frame. Our senior resources continually rave about their unique ability to tackle tough technical challenges and how well they learn. Our Momentum folks are leaders on our team and have exceptional careers ahead of them!

Step 4: Support for Your Team Provided by Us

When you sign on to partner with Momentum, we become an extension of your team. We believe in the success of our program and graduates, which is why we aid in onboarding new team members for your specific needs on a schedule that works for you. We also provide continued support for the new hires for the first 30, 60, or 90 days to ensure the success of the new team. After all, your success is our success.

For more information on Momentum’s Source, Train, Hire model, contact our team today.

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