Momentum Celebrates Corporate Sponsorship Success with Spencer Health Solutions

By The Momen­tum Team ● June 23, 2022

We are so pleased to announce that Momentum graduate Albany Prince has just celebrated her one-year anniversary at Spencer Health Solutions! Congratulations to our graduate on her ever-growing success in her new role.  

Albany showed immense promise during her time in our program, which was sponsored by Spencer Health. This sponsorship Spencer Health provided to Albany ultimately inspired Albany to join the Momentum program and start a terrific career at Spencer Health. Albany’s colleagues and managers had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Albany’s accomplishments at Spencer Health in the last 6 months alone include working on a UI test automation suite, troubleshooting existing tests and developing new tests as gaps are identified, taking part in the methodical breakdown and documentation of the product’s IL8N and L10N capabilities, and completing a thorough analysis and documentation of product defects in our recent translation to Dutch. 

Here is what Director of Product Quality, Jason Scheller, had to say about Albany: 

Albany Prince has been a valuable member of the Spencer Health Solutions Product Quality Assurance (PQA) team for one year. She was originally placed with PQA to familiarize her with the various product modules and provide an overview of the test approach being adopted by the team.  Albany showed an immediate interest in the testing process and a natural curiosity that is critical to successful testing.  She has developed the methodical approach required for medical device testing.   She is also a joy to work with, brings a positive attitude with her every day, and helps lift and motivate those around her.

The success of Momentum graduate Albany Prince further proves the work we do here at Momentum and the opportunities we provide. Whether you would like to sponsor a student, like the Spencer Health sponsorship of Albany, or apply for our program, we are ready to help you on your journey today!