As you look toward your hiring plans for the rest of the year, we hope you will consider some of our wonderful graduates as candidates for your organization. You can find a summary of our career seekers on our Graduate Guide page.


After six years in business, Momentum’s Board of Directors and CEO/Co-Founder have made the difficult decision to close the company. Having fully delivered our remaining in-flight classes in March 2024, the Momentum team will begin to wind down operations. We are incredibly proud of the work that Momentum has done to positively impact individuals, businesses, and the technology community.

Momentum has helped over 400 people transition into careers in the technology industry with incredible success. Our trained technologists have filled critical jobs at over 120 companies. Outside of our core business, we have also collaborated with outstanding higher education partners in both public and private universities along with North Carolina’s robust community college system.

While we’ve had an impactful journey and are incredibly proud of the community that has been built around our business, a myriad of market challenges has forced us to consider the viability of Momentum’s business in the future. As a result of the fundamental changes in the technology industry, we no longer believe our service offerings align with the future needs of the customers we serve.

We are honored by those who chose us and trusted us with their careers. We are grateful for the many corporate sponsors and employers of our technologists. We are thankful for the vast amount of people who have supported us, have given their time to our career changers, and have been constant cheerleaders for the work we’ve done. We have an abundance of gratitude for all of you.


For our graduates, you will be able to request any proof-of-enrollment documents you may need from now until June by emailing info@momentumlearn.com. After June, we will be moving all of our records to the State Archives and will keep you informed on how to access those.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Mitsch Homes (jessica@momentumlearn.com) or Faith Kosobucki (faith@momentumlearn.com).