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Why Momentum?

We are the most experienced team teaching people how to code in North Carolina and we have student stories to share.

Momentum is a community of continuous learners who support each others' career growth. When you join Momentum, our expansive local network will become your network, invested in your career happiness and supporting you each step of the way.

Learn to code with us and give your career some Momentum!

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Why learn to code?

Gain the Triangle's most in-demand skill

Why learn to code in Raleigh-Durham? According to Glassdoor, Raleigh-Durham is one of the fastest growing tech markets in the US. It’s consistently ranked in Top 10 lists of places to be in tech, and the unemployment rate for tech professionals in the area is at around 1%.

Coding skills are relevant to many types of jobs and career paths. Coding skills are in demand across industries, including healthcare, marketing, education, and science. Learning how to code and knowing how to keep learning on the job translate into a lot of choices when it comes to meeting your own career goals.

At Momentum, we believe everyone can learn to code. YOU can learn to code! With the skills you learn with us and the network we'll introduce you to, you’ll be able to start a successful career in technology.

Training for your whole career

We offer part-time courses in specific topics for professional developers at different stages of their careers.

The Code Immersive course is just the beginning of your career journey. As a professional, your job requires continuous learning to stay up to date as the industry moves forward. Our team is here for your continued growth whether you started with our Code Immersive course or entered tech through another route.

We also offer customized training services for employers. We’ve trained students to become developers and worked with them years later as they learned new technologies on the job. We love being a resource for your continued career in the Triangle tech community!