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Meet our recent grads

These are graduates who are eager to start their careers. They are highly skilled and motivated, and they are looking for opportunities to apply their knowledge and abilities in a real-world setting. They would be excellent candidates for many of your entry-level, technical roles; e.g. Associate Software Developer, Technical Support Engineer, and Implementation Specialist.

Maria A.

Raleigh, NC

Maria is a creative Software Engineer skilled in front-end technologies, including JavaScript, React, and Python. With a Master’s in Art + Design, she merges creativity with organizational finesse. Committed to delivering applications through clean, reader-focused code, Maria brings expertise in crafting high-quality, accessible user experiences.

Freddie B.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

With a background in the arts, Freddie translates his creative eye and problem-solving skills into clean, user-friendly interfaces. Eager to learn and collaborate, Freddie is ready to join a team passionate about building beautiful, effective experiences. Let’s make something cool together!

Kelsey B.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Having navigated a career in the publishing industry, Kelsey developed a keen eye for detail and a flexible mind for problem-solving that has seamlessly translated into software engineering. Kelsey is excited to fulfill her goal of transforming complex ideas into meaningful solutions as a full-stack JavaScript developer.

Austin C.

Durham, NC

Austin holds an MFA in studio art, combining creative flair with technical prowess gained from Momentum’s bootcamp. Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Vue.js, Austin blends artistic sensibilities with robust web development skills to create visually stunning and functionally robust digital experiences.

Caroline C.

Durham, NC

Caroline earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, during which she discovered her passion for creating websites and assisting her classmates in designing theirs. Since completing the Momentum part-time program with NCCU, she has developed an interest in UI/UX design and helping organizations with product management and deployment.

Megan C.

Durham, NC

Megan, seasoned creative designer with over a decade in small business support, holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing. Proficient in JavaScript, Vue.js, and React, she delivers top-tier applications with clean code. Megan’s commitment to user-focused experiences & custom CSS makes her an invaluable team player.

Paola C.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Paola brings a solid background in front-end engineering, project management, and developer relations. She is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Passionate about learning and development, she actively seeks feedback and excels at untangling technological challenges through adept research and Googling.

Gavin D.

Travers City, MI

Gavin is a passionate problem solver seeking to use his software development skills to make a positive impact in the technology industry. Motivated by Momentum’s opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to a team, Gavin is eager to succeed.

Hatice D.

Wilmington, NC

Hatice is a full-stack software engineer with USCIS authorization, proficient in Python, Django, React, and UI/UX. They created “The Travelist” using Python, Django, and AWS. Past roles in Apple’s technical support and Turkish Airlines honed their customer service skills. 

Ross H.

Durham, NC

Ross is happily a recent grad of 2024 Momentum Learning in Durham, NC. Through the course, Ross had his hands on Vanilla Javascript as well as other frameworks. He knows this is a starting point, and he is eager to utilize the skills he acquired in the bootcamp and put them to use at your company. He is looking forward to being an asset.

Joanna M.

Durham, NC

Joanna is a creative problem-solver with a background in graphic design and small business entrepreneurship. She is skilled in front-end development and eager to delve further into back-end development. Joanna is proficient in JavaScript, Vue.js, and Express.js and enjoys seeing the moving pieces come together aiming to bridge the gap between application development and product vision.

Jon M.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

With two decades of experience in finance, Jon shifted to full-stack software engineering, mastering Python, Django, and React. He is proficient in risk analysis, troubleshooting, and security, and he aims for a role in cybersecurity. His dual expertise uniquely enables him to identify and mitigate risks, implement strong security measures, and contribute to innovative solutions.

Jordan M.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

With a background in Customer Service and an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, Jordan is seeking a career change to full-stack development. They have skills in AI integration, Python, Golang, JavaScript, Node.js, React, and more. They are eager to translate their creative problem-solving skills into a more fulfilling career.

Davis P.

Fort Myers, FL

With a background in media technology,  Davis is seeking front-end development opportunities in React. They bring a passion for coding and a commitment to constant learning and excellence. Sparked by a post-pandemic career change, Davis is eager to contribute to a collaborative team and explore diverse development opportunities.

Christopher R.

Raleigh, NC

Christopher is a hospitality veteran with a passion for creating memorable experiences. Seeking a career change to pursue his love of building and making things, they are drawn to the video game and technology industries. They are eager to leverage their creative, problem-solving spirit in a more fulfilling professional path.

Courtney S.

Durham, NC

Courtney has held a career in research and development for large life-science companies. With a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology, Courtney has always had a passion for science and technology. After completing the part-time Momentum program with NCCU, Courtney is eager to enhance her career with new-found coding skills. 

Andrew S.

Wilmington, NC

Andrew is a software engineer with full-stack expertise and a passion for learning. Combines a background in history and tech to solve problems creatively. Proven track record of success in full-stack development projects, with strong interpersonal skills to connect with audiences.

Lynerd T.

Durham, NC

Having completed Momentum’s part-time program with NCCU, Lynerd has developed skills in Git, Node.js, Express.js, HTML, CSS, JS, Vue, and mongodb. Lynerd is a leader in his community where he’s a college athletic coach. Combining his new technical skills with his proven leadership experience, Lynerd is excited to begin a new career and continue to grow as a developer!

Nathan V.

Durham, NC

This electrical engineer and educator (Teach for America) discovered a new passion for coding while working on a hands-on project using Arduino Uno. Nathan is eager to merge his skills at an ed-tech organization to create engaging educational experiences that promote equity and access for all students.

Jaylan W.

Tryon, NC

Jaylan is a career changer eager to take on new challenges. After seeking an opportunity to learn something new, Jaylan discovered a passion for coding. The foreign skill excites them with its vast potential, and they are ready to embark on a path of success, overcoming any adversity that may come their way.

Sai Y.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Transitioning from Company Secretary to IT professional, Sai brings a wealth of experience in governance, compliance, and communication. Proficient in Salesforce and web technologies, she is detail-oriented, an excellent communicator, and adept at ensuring regulatory adherence. Sai is ready to excel in diverse tech environments.

Nathan Z.

Garner, NC

Nathan is a Software Developer with previous experience in the educational technology industry. Since graduating from Momentum, Nathan has been working as a lead maintainer on an open-source project that he created with other Momentum graduates which was created to provide continued development experience outside of the program.

Meet our experienced grads

These graduates are skilled and have a proven track record of success, making them ideal candidates for placement in your company. They are also eager to make a real impact and contribute to your team’s success.

Candace A.

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Candace is a software engineer with a foundation in digital art and design. Her passion for video games led her to discover a love for programming. She is proficient in Python, Django, and JavaScript and ready to work hard and contribute to the success of her next role with a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic insight.

Jason J.

Raleigh, NC

Jason is a seasoned software developer skilled in full-stack engineering, specializing in Django, Python, and JavaScript. Their expertise lies in crafting and maintaining web applications and sites. With a knack for problem-solving and a passion for creating seamless digital experiences, they strive to innovate and optimize solutions. Jason is also heavily involved in the open-source community.

Christian M.

Angier, NC

Christian is a Back-End Engineer with over 4 years of experience using Python. He enjoys working across the stack and particularly enjoys Django and React. He also loves learning spoken languages!

Peri S.

Pittsburgh, PA

Peri is a full-stack engineer proficient in Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. They excel in remote agile projects, delivering impactful tech solutions from concept to deployment. At Occipital’s Paracosm, they enhanced the reseller network and purchasing patterns. Peri also mentors new software learners, imparting coding complexities and best practices.