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We partner with software engineering leaders to benchmark, design, and implement strategies that enable more efficient, productive, and engaged technical teams.


Enabling more productive teams for the future of work

We live at the intersection of engineering and talent development. Momentum was born of a legacy of innovative software engineers and talent thought-leaders to enable a new approach to talent, training, and retention. We partner with organizations to implement and design training strategies that fit the unique needs of your engineers and your business. No matter where you are on your talent journey, Momentum can help.


of companies have yet to make a clear connection between corporate strategy and reskilling initiatives

Source: Harvard Business Review


increase in the number of organizations investing in upskilling and reskilling over the past few years

Source: Forbes


of workers will require training by 2027, but only half have access to adequate training opportunities currently

Source: The World Economic Forum


We part­ner with you to assess your talent needs

Momen­tum part­ners with cor­po­ra­tions of all sizes to build a resilient work­force with an always-learn­ing per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al growth mind­set, pro­vid­ing a host of ser­vices to:

Talent Benchmarking

Gain a better understanding of your business’ tech talent and how it measures up against your strategic business objectives. We leverage industry benchmarks and best practices to provide an evaluation of your teams’ current state and overall maturity against competitors and peers.  

Strategic Tech Talent Roadmap

We help you get from Point A to Point Whatever You Need – partnering with your organization, we create a roadmap to help your business understand the talent needs to execute against your strategic plan. We create customized tech talent roadmaps that include the training, development, and talent strategies and tactics that will elevate your entire business, starting with your engineering team.  

Upskilling and Reskilling

As businesses seek to evolve and transform in the face of overwhelming market circumstances and next-generation technology, we partner with businesses to identify and operationalize upskilling and reskilling strategies that retain your best people and help them grow with your organization.  

Custom Training and Development

Sometimes you need end-to-end training and sometimes you need targeted training to get your team up to speed on a specific technology, methodology, or modality – let us help. We can create custom training sessions targeting your engineering team’s specific training needs or business objectives.  

Collaborating with AI

AI is here and it’s changing the way we all work. We help organizations understand how to leverage AI most effectively for their business. Whether that’s training engineers how to work collaboratively with AI or helping organizations set and realize their own tech talent strategies relative to AI development, Momentum helps businesses improve the productivity and efficiency of engineers and their teams.  

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Preparing software engineering leaders for the future


Top talent in software engineering has always been a commodity, and only more so in our current environment. We work with you to create and roll out consistent, scalable strategies that not only retain talent but enable long-term, engaged teams.  


Demands on engineering teams have grown tremendously – our team of talent experts can help your engineers realize greater productivity and efficiency in their everyday work to free up time for more strategic, value-driving activities.  


Your team is under a constant state of disruption, making training difficult, if not impossible to prioritize. Our talent experts can help you prepare for the un-preparable. We design courses around all sides of engineering work – from the most critical technical skills to process and project skills, including communication, collaboration, project management, time management, and conflict resolution. 

Guiding HR leaders on next-level talent strategy


The demands for software talent are only going to grow, putting even greater strains on your recruiting and HR resources. We live at the intersection of engineering expertise and talent strategies – our team of talent experts can help lighten the burden on your staff while still ensuring the highest level of quality in your talent initiatives and objectives.  


Today’s competitive landscape makes retention a consistently challenging endeavor. With a deep history in software engineering and talent strategies, we’re able to help implement outcomes-focused training and retention programs that meet both the long-term, strategic needs of your business and the individual professional and career goals of your employees.  


Talent needs are constantly shifting in the market today, especially in tech. Planning for the unknown feels impossible but the right team of engineers can quickly redirect your business to meet and overcome disruption. Our team of talent experts can help your business enable talent strategies that future-proof your engineering team for the next generation of innovative technologies. 

Hire skilled tech talent

Get connected to the right web developers and tech professionals

We’re building a culture and community of humans who want to change how work is done.  And, that’s what we are doing in partnering with Momentum who will help us find and build technology talent in a new way.  We are excited to invest in building new tech talent to support our growth trajectory and are committed to supporting the tech community here in the Triangle

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