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We believe you belong in tech. So we designed a part-time cod­ing course to help make it hap­pen. With a flex­i­ble sched­ule and on-demand resources, your soft­ware devel­op­er career path gets start­ed here. You can do it all online, too.
Learn to Code On Your Time

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We don’t just train you in the right front-end and back-end tech­nolo­gies. We give you the right tools and timeta­bles to learn it all in 24 weeks and still man­age your day-to-day. Set up a sim­ple sched­ule, then access your engi­neer instruc­tors and col­lab­o­rate with oth­er learners. 

  • Live and on-demand code demos 12 hours per week
  • Get instruc­tor-led learn­ing 4 days per week
  • Join an after­noon or evening vir­tu­al workshop
  • Learn inde­pen­dent­ly 12 hours per week
Software Developer
You could say it’s a pan­dem­ic-proof job. My career out­look post-Momen­tum is pure optimism.
Software Developer
Full Stack Programming

Every­thing you need for your soft­ware devel­op­er career path

Learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more from pas­sion­ate instruc­tors. Use the skills and tech­nolo­gies to earn job titles like Soft­ware Devel­op­er, Asso­ciate Web Devel­op­er, Tech­ni­cal Sup­port Engi­neer, Asso­ciate QA Automa­tion, and DevOps Engineer.

Set your full stack developer career up for success:

Better salary opportunities
Better Salary Opportunities
Salaries after 16-week or longer code schools are almost $15k higher than those after code schools of shorter length.
Agile practices
Agile Practices
Connect with learners in small groups to solve problems, get questions answered, and conduct peer-to-peer code reviews.
Job ready skills
Job Ready Skills
Build a robust portfolio of programming projects and practice presenting your code and learnings on a regular basis.

Where our graduates work

Credit Suisse
Red Hat
SciMed Solutions
Blue Cross blue Shield of North Carolina
Career Ser­vices

1‑on‑1 career guid­ance, proven to help start jobs in tech

All our stu­dents receive ded­i­cat­ed career ser­vices sup­port. Our career ser­vices experts sup­port you through your job search with a process that gets results, even when hir­ing is done virtually.
  • Personalized career planning
  • Resumé reviews
  • Networking with hiring managers
  • Career guidance modules
  • Negotiation support
  • Regular 1:1 meetings
  • LinkedIn profile help
  • Cover letter consultations
  • Behavioral and technical interview training
  • And more!
average salary graduates report earning
of students received a job offer
happiness scores are high for graduates in their new career
Job Place­ment Promise

We help you launch your career in 9 months or less

We believe in our part-time cours­es, career ser­vices, incred­i­ble net­work, and you. That’s why if you do not get a job offer with­in 9 months of grad­u­a­tion, we will refund your tuition. That’s our job place­ment promise to you.
Analytics Manager
Now I do feel like the skills I’m learn­ing can trans­late onto anoth­er role… That to me is so empow­er­ing. I don’t think I had that before I went to Momentum.
Analytics Manager
Com­pre­hen­sive Curriculum

Your full stack devel­op­er skills, taught all at the right pace

We’ve orga­nized our cur­ricu­lum into four 6‑week phas­es so it’s easy to learn step by step.

Phase 1: Introduction to web development

  • UX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

You'll learn full stack web development fundamentals, understand front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and explore the tools and methods such as debugging software developers use every day.

Phase 2: Back-end development

  • Python
  • Django

Learn about code that runs on a server using Python, how to set up and use relational databases, and how to develop fully functioning web applications using the Django framework.

Phase 3: Modern web applications

  • APIs
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

Build dynamic web applications incorporating JavaScript skills, build APIs for sharing your data, and practice user-driven development.

Phase 4: Agile development

  • Code Reviews
  • Agile Planning

Tackle modern Agile development practices by building a final programming project. Gain the skills you need to contribute to a development team, like participating in code reviews, using Agile planning, giving technical presentations, and pair programming.

Starting your new tech career just got easier.
Learn programming online in 24 weeks.

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Part-Time Course Experience

Make your career change with people who care

Learn programming online
Experience Manager

Here to make this a seamless experience for you. Get the counseling and guidance to overcome any obstacles so you excel in the course and beyond.

Engineer Instructors

We make complex concepts simple and fun to learn, thanks to our software development and higher ed teaching experience. Plus, some of us are code school grads, so we understand your experience.

Cohort Collaboration

A diverse group of career changers who each bring incredible experience to the classroom. You’ll program in pairs, create software engineering teams, and build projects together.

Mentor Support

Momentum graduates provide mentorship and offer continued support. Connect with our diverse group of graduates and get insight into the tech industry.


Choose how you pay

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Once enrolled, apply for an interest only or immediate loan plan with lending partners Climb Credit or Skills Fund.

Pay Directly

Tuition is $3,125 per phase of the course, billed at the beginning of each phase.

Total tuition cost is $12,500.

Let Us Help

We do not want tuition to be a barrier to your code education. If a direct payment or loan is not an option for you, talk to us today as scholarship or sponsorship opportunities may become available.
Student Discounts

Our community members matter to us

We are proud to offer discounts to the following community members.

  • $1,000 discount to military veterans

Contact us to discuss your options

If you are eligible for our discount opportunities, our team will apply the respective discount during your admissions process.