Working at Momentum

Why Work at Momentum?

Momen­tum was estab­lished in 2017 and our mis­sion is to be the cat­a­lyst for new careers. We pro­vide cod­ing skills train­ing focused on the needs of the mod­ern work­place. We believe that learn­ing is a life­long process and that every­one deserves a high qual­i­ty edu­ca­tion­al experience. 

Since our found­ing, we’ve been focused on deliv­er­ing high qual­i­ty, high touch cours­es for a career chang­er audi­ence. We are build­ing on our foun­da­tion by tak­ing our exper­tise to the enter­prise mar­ket to deliv­er train­ing solu­tions that meet the needs of grow­ing and chang­ing busi­ness demands. With every course we envi­sion and deliv­er, we keep learn­ers at the cen­ter of what we do. We hold a strong belief that skills-based prac­ti­cal train­ing can pro­vide every kind of learn­er with an oppor­tu­ni­ty to advance them­selves and con­tribute to the needs of our mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy-dri­ven world. 

We are a team of curi­ous life­long learn­ers who care about peo­ple and shap­ing a greater future for those in all stages of their careers. We’re set­ting an exam­ple for train­ing and edu­ca­tion that will shape the future. We are stronger when our per­spec­tives are vast and there­fore we are dili­gent about grow­ing a team diverse in gen­der, age, race, and perspective. 

Our Cur­rent Openings

Come join our team at Momen­tum. Below you can find a list of our cur­rent openings.

Enterprise Sales & Account Manager

Sales Associate

Full Stack Software Developer Courses Instructor

Work­ing with extreme­ly moti­vat­ed, coura­geous, and smart adult learn­ers who are excit­ed about code has allowed me to recap­ture some of my own orig­i­nal joy in this field. It’s tremen­dous­ly reward­ing to play a part in someone’s life transformation. 

Amy Gori

Director of Engineering + Instruction