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2023 Tech Talent Trends featured

2023 Tech Tal­ent Trends

So far in 2023, we continue to see trends of talent searching for new and different opportunities. Click here to read the top four trends facing the tech talent community in 2023 for both employers and prospective candidates.
How Upskilling and Reskilling with Momentum Improves Retention Rates featured

How Upskilling and Reskilling Improve Reten­tion Rates

The importance of upskilling and reskilling are on an upward trajectory, especially given the challenge of employee acquisition and retention. Learn more about how we can help you transform your talent here.
Prepare Your 2023 Talent with Momentum featured

Pre­pare Your 2023 Tal­ent with Momentum

With the current economic uncertainty, it is important now, perhaps more than ever, to be strategic in filling your tech talent gap. Learn more about how our Source, Train, Hire, Support model can help you.
5 Tech Interview Questions featured

5 Tech Inter­view Questions

When going into an interview, it is common to be nervous, but with proper preparation, you can easily succeed. Here we’ve provided some common technical interview questions and answers to help ease some of the stress and uncertainty.
Preparing for the Future Modernization Legacy Workers in Tech featured

Prepar­ing for the Future: Mod­ern­iza­tion & Lega­cy Work­ers in Tech

With changing workplace demographics, tech companies must take a strategic approach in order to welcome younger generations while also paying homage to their legacy workers.
What Are Candidates Looking For in Todays Market featured

What Are Can­di­dates Look­ing For in Today’s Market?

Understanding and prioritizing what candidates are looking for is essential to stay competitive in today's market. Read more here.
Understanding Rising Tech Salaries as a Bootcamp Graduate featured

Under­stand­ing Ris­ing Tech Salaries as a Boot­camp Graduate

If you're considering a career change to tech, now's the time. Click here to further understand rising tech salaries and its impact on the industry.
Best Practices for Interviewing Junior Developers featured

Best Prac­tices for Inter­view­ing Junior Developers

Interviewing junior developers requires a great deal of preparation to ensure you are hiring the best candidate. Learn more about best practices here.
Jamie howard featured

Why Employ­ers Choose Momen­tum: Words from a CTO

The characteristics sought after by Jamie Howard from Allstacks and other recruiters are staples of the Momentum curriculum.
6 Ways to Motivate Remote Tech Employees featured

6 Ways to Moti­vate Remote Tech Employees

Ways to motivate remote tech employees can help managers drive their teams to perform better and more efficiently from home. Read our top 6 tips here.
5 Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Growth in Tech featured

5 Mis­takes That Can Hin­der Your Growth in Tech

Those who are willing to put the time and effort into their tech career have the opportunity to create lasting payoffs. It’s important, however, to avoid these common pitfalls that can trip up even the most well-intentioned individuals.
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Tech featured

Over­com­ing Imposter Syn­drome in Tech

Overcoming imposter syndrome in tech can seem like a daunting task. Read on to learn more about IS in tech and how to overcome it.