What’s Python? How Do I Learn Python Skills?

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/24/2021

What’s Python? How Do I Learn Python Skills?

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/24/2021

Between emerging technologies, legacy programming languages, popular code, and the variety of coding courses available, finding the right programming languages for your career change can feel like a daunting task-let alone understanding how to learn those skills in an effective, manageable way that works for you.

Python is making headlines, going mainstream, and being adopted by organizations of all sizes. So, what’s Python anyway?

What’s Python?

Python is a programming language that helps you work efficiently and integrates systems effectively. Actually, it is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

This high-level programming language is powerful, fast, and compatible with a wide variety of operating systems. It is a multi-purpose language that can be used for programming tasks such as web development, scientific computing, system administration, and more.

Python is developed under an open source license, making it freely available to all who are interested in using it. Python programming doing for people with non-tech backgrounds? Giving them an easy-to-learn programming language with massive benefits for their long-term career as the world goes digital more and more. Let’s explore why.

Why Learn Python Skills in 2021?

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, there is an increased emphasis on entire organizations developing technology skills. Sustainable, successful digital transformation requires the right skills that workers in all departments can learn.

What’s Python got to do with this? Python offers ease of use and compatibility that is critical for all learners, especially beginners in non-tech roles. Learning Python skills doesn’t depend on having a STEM background and boasts a welcoming international community of programmers.

Python offers ease of use and compatibility that is critical for all learners, especially beginners in non-tech roles.

Though simple to learn and easy to analyze, the multi-purpose language can be used for completing a diverse set of programming tasks and provides exceptional scalability. With Python skills, you can begin building web applications, quickly contribute to hands-on data projects, and be ready to learn other programming languages.

Python continues to grow in popularity across the world. In North Carolina (home to Momentum), Python is on the list of top 20 technology skills. Plus, the use of Python skills in January 2021 increased +26% compared to the same time last year.

How Do I Learn Python Skills?

To get familiar with Python, try free tutorials available and join free crash courses for beginners, like this interactive crash hosted by Momentum March 10th. If you enjoy what you find there, you can take the next step to learn Python skills by finding a coding course that offers strong training in the language. Then, determine the course that works for you and submit an application.

Momentum teaches Python skills in its Software Engineering Immersive course. This online coding course starts May 10th and gives you live, instructor-led training in Python so you can land great jobs in tech. In the 16-week course, you’ll learn back-development with Python, practicing programming principles with Python and building web applications with Django and Python skills. Plus, you’ll learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more full-stack developer skills.

As you continue to develop your Python skills, you can access a supportive, friendly community of Python developers. With meetups, conferences, and discussion boards to collaborate on code, you’ll have help along the way.

How Do I Apply My Python Skills?

Python skills equip you for job titles such as Web Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Full Stack Developer. You can then progress on to mid-to-senior level positions in your career, so there’s considerable room for growth. But Python skills can also be applied to a variety of technical roles such as Data Analyst and Product Manager.

With our Software Engineering Immersive coding course, you’ll become a certified software developer with a robust set of Python skills and full stack experience. Our career services support helps you find the technology careers you’re interested in with personalized, proven tools and resources. Work with our team to find a job in less than 9 months or your tuition back. That’s our job placement promise to you. What’s Python offering you? In-demand skills to propel your career forward. Now, how do you see yourself using your new Python skills?

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