Trent Hurlbut’s Journey to Software Development

By The Momentum Team ● 12/06/2022

Trent Hurlbut’s Journey to Software Development

By The Momentum Team ● 12/06/2022

Based in Washington, Trent Hurlbut is a Momentum graduate and an Associate Front-End Fullstack Developer at RepVue.

In his current role, Trent works primarily in React.js, Next.js, and Node, maintaining an existing web app and building out a brand new one. His day is filled with tickets that range from small bug fixes and style adjustments to building new views and components from scratch. Trent rarely has scheduled meetings but will huddle up with his boss occasionally throughout the day as needed, while the rest of the day is spent in the codebase.

Trent discovered Momentum in the summer of 2021 as he was searching online for a coding bootcamp. He was in the process of transitioning careers and had recently discovered a love for programming when he found Momentum and decided to take the leap.

After being a non-profit development specialist for the better part of the last decade, Trent was eager to enter a new field that brings with it unique problems to solve and opportunities to create beautiful, powerful products.

For Trent, three things set Momentum above and beyond other bootcamps he had interviewed with 1) the sincerity of our staff and our commitment to the student’s success, 2) the content of the curriculum and how many of the taught skills were showing up in entry-level software engineering job postings, and 3) our jobs report and placement statistics, which he says speak for themselves!

Here’s what Trent had to say about Momentum:

Momentum got me to where I am today by teaching me the fundamentals of modern web development and how to self-direct my learning when encountering new and unfamiliar topics (of which there are so, so many for a new developer). They also connected me with the people who eventually introduced me to my future employer. It’s often said around Momentum that your network is how you get work, and their network runs really deep.

If you are interested in giving your life some momentum, make the career switch to tech and apply for our upcoming course today! The new year is the perfect time to embrace change, and our next course begins on January 17th. Apply here or contact our team for more information.

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