What are the top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for?

By Katie Dunn ● 05/03/2021

What are the top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for?

By Katie Dunn ● 05/03/2021

Knowing what top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for is critical to land your dream job. In the coming weeks, we’ll be asking our key recruiting partners what skills are top-of-mind. Today, we’re featuring James Goerke, MBA, Head of America’s Development Center for Salesforce.

What is your favorite part of your job?

When I see one of Salesforce’s developers tackle a problem for a customer and really nail it. You can really see the excitement and look of pride on someone’s face when they got to work on a tough problem, figured out the solution, and deliver that solution to our customers. Being a part of that person’s growth and seeing them thrive is really exciting to me.

What advice do you have for people starting a career search today?

  1. Polish your public presentation, including your portfolio website, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Having a portfolio of work to reference during interviews and allowing prospective employers to see your skill sets is a critical step in the interview process.
  2. Network like crazy! Networking is a critical component of any career search because there is a big percentage of positions that don’t ever get posted on job boards or advertised because they get created for specific people.
  3. Keep learning! Prospective employers want to know that you can learn outside of an academic environment (i.e. coding bootcamp) and that you can learn on your own. This is a top tech skill in 2021 to demonstrate because most organizations are going to have a specific stack or platform that they need you to learn.

What skills do you think will be most important in tomorrow’s workforce?

I’m excited to see what will form in several industries, including AI, VR, and enterprise software. I think a top tech skill in 2021 isn’t necessarily a specific language but rather a core understanding of how to learn new platforms.

No one knows exactly what the future will bring but we do know that skills in adaptation and an attitude of life-long learning will always serve you well.

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