Why Your Business Should Invest in a Technical Training Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 08/06/2021

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Technical Training Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 08/06/2021

Let’s talk about all things corporate training, and see why technical upskilling and reskilling for your employees can be so valuable.

Momentum partners with businesses to identify, cultivate and train tech talent, specializing in talent from underrepresented populations. Our goal is to create an always-learning culture that will allow your business to adapt to the constantly evolving world of technology.

Why is Corporate Training Important?

As companies around the world are undergoing digital transformations, the need for tech talent is greater today than ever before. The problem: hiring demand is outpacing the availability of talent. Technology is transforming faster than companies are able to adapt. In the US, this tech talent shortage could cause a loss of up to $162 billion in revenue in the tech industry alone.

Upskilling your current team, and training employees to move into tech roles from other parts of your company, is an ideal solution to this shortage. Internal training reduces new talent acquisition costs, increases employee retention, and reduces risk associated with new hires. At the same time, you will be creating a technologically equipped workforce. Many employees internal to your organization possess the soft and hard skills necessary for higher level or tech positions, but lack the training. Through upskilling with a technical training course, these loyal employees can begin to climb the ranks.

Maybe your aims are to diversify your junior and senior levels – corporate training can help change the fabric of an organization in meaningful ways. The skills gap has two major quantitative impacts: companies can’t achieve growth projections without skilled labor, and unskilled labor can not get jobs. By upskilling people from underrepresented populations or with nontraditional educational backgrounds, we are able to mine talent that already has industry expertise and skills like company loyalty and commitment to close the skills gap.

Who We Train

Momentum trains new and existing talent – and both provide unique value. Companies can sponsor participants in Momentum’s public full stack engineering courses to build a new pipeline of talent with practical projects focus in your tech environment for increased job-readiness and reduced employee onboarding cost. Current employees from all areas of your company are also a powerful asset in your talent arsenal: they have proven teamwork, organizational skills, curiosity, and drive to learn and contribute, and they know your business and your industry. By upskilling a team of current employees through a Momentum technical training course, your business can build its base of techno-functional people – people who know your business and your tech stack – and that’s valuable to both your company and your employees. Momentum upskills entry level employees from customer service and other front line roles into tech, and they upskill tech employees to higher levels in the ranks: programmers to team leads, team leads to managers – specializing in underrepresented groups to advance equity throughout your company with measurable impact. Whether your goal is to build loyalty, diversify the ranks, or create a learning environment, upskilling provides an opportunity for hard-working employees to move up the ladder no matter their starting point.

How We Train

At Momentum, we tailor each technical training course to meet individual business needs. We teach people about the industry they are going into, while providing them with the soft and hard skills that will enable them to succeed. Momentum offers a variety of training, ranging from full stack engineering to Leadership Development for Technical Managers to Agile and Scrum training to DevOps instruction to project management and relationship management training.

Central to our training philosophy – and the most common praise from our training: Momentum guides participants through how to bring their unique skills and experiences to their learning process. We emphasize the life skill “how to learn”, so that the Momentum they gain will serve them throughout their careers. And we structure part-time and full-time courses to meet our participants where they are at – and work with them to build their path forward.

To learn more about corporate partnerships for employee training, schedule a call with us today. Take your team to the next level with Momentum.

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