Why Should Companies Invest in a Python Training Program?

By Jes­si­ca Mitsch ● February 23, 2021

It’s estimated that in the next decade, hundreds of millions of employees will have to complete training to keep up with large-scale modern changes such as digitization and automation.

And, with recruiting resources needed to hire a developer costing at least $22,000, companies are investing in the business benefits of employing people who understand Python during these times of tech advancement. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that now could be the perfect time for your business to invest in a Python training program. 

Python is now a top-choice language taught across academic departments, including economics, physics, and even fields that are traditionally less technical such as sociology - growing in popularity as a skill that employers are seeking out because of its application across business functions. Additionally, Python can be run across operating systems, adapts well to other programming languages, and therefore has developed an enormous user base. Because of its wide range of applications and ability to scale to complex projects — while still being easier to understand with less nuance than many other coding languages — Python is considered a great choice for companies hoping to expand their employees’ coding expertise. 

In a post-pandemic world, it is clear that human interaction is valuable to learning and live instruction makes a difference, especially for learning coding languages where problems faced by beginning programmers can be hard to troubleshoot individually with only a downloaded training program. A corporate Python training program, taught by a live instructor can bring important skills to a company’s employees, improving productivity, whether Python is actively used in work on a day-to-day basis or not. Learning a coding language encourages employees to problem solve in a way that may be out of their comfort zone, advancing their critical thinking skills. It can also help improve collaboration across business functions as employees from one department that may not necessarily use Python daily are still able to participate and provide feedback in more technical conversations with other departments. Additionally, as digital transformations become more commonplace in corporations, having employees with a background in Python can improve overall adoption rate because of greater understanding of the importance of information sharing, as exemplified in open-source. 

Having a live instructor to lead a corporate Python training program can provide many benefits for these courses compared to more downloadable, asynchronous options. Live instructors are a highly valuable resource with helpful capabilities beyond what tools available on the internet can provide. For one, having an instructor for a training program gives new coding students an opportunity to ask questions specific to their individual issues and receive feedback and answers in real-time. Live instructors can assess how the employee is comprehending learning materials to keep everyone within the training program on track, which is especially important for coding courses where lack of understanding can stop progression until any misunderstanding is resolved. Additionally, having employees learn with a live instructor as a cohort enables them to more deeply understand the training program’s content through collaboration and fostering a community within the company.

Momentum’s live instruction and customized courses can help your company reach the next level by upskilling employees across departments with the tech skills that are highly valuable in business today. Learn more about our bespoke corporate training offerings today.