Why Should Businesses Invest in Corporate IT Training?

By Jes­si­ca Mitsch ● March 03, 2021

As technological capabilities quickly advance, corporate IT training is becoming more relevant for businesses in all industries to keep up with competitors.

Aiming to upskill and reskill employees, corporate training initiatives for any functional business area help improve an organization’s work efficiency and provide learning opportunities for employees to grow their skillset and progress in their career. This increases employee satisfaction, and therefore, improves retention. More frequently, many companies are starting to offer corporate training to employees across an organization, no longer just targeting training to those in leadership roles or new-hire onboarding, as wide-scale in-house education helps progress toward the goal of business growth. Additionally, it is increasingly important for a business to have employees that possess some level of tech skills. With a rapid rise of digital transformations in businesses, and trends in tech, such as hyper-automation, blockchain, data democratization, and AI starting to make more of an impact on businesses, an investment in corporate IT training now can pay off for years to come.

Today, having a number of employees with tech skills in areas like software development or data science is necessary, not just for those operating in roles in an organization’s IT department, but also for employees in other departments, such as marketing and operations. Cybersecurity expertise is also a top priority. Organizations are leveraging data and using technology to grow their business, but this can come with risk – for example, on average, IoT devices may face cyber attacks 5,200 times per month. Additionally, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for tech skills remained high, with increased reliance on the capabilities of IT departments to facilitate remote work options and keep data secure. As organizations recognize the importance of IT skills and develop plans to deepen tech knowledge within their business, it may make more sense to upskill or reskill an existing workforce rather than investing in new talent recruitment, especially for companies operating in industries with complexities that cannot be as easily learned. Therefore, corporate IT training has become prominent among learning and development initiatives.

In order to maximize an investment in corporate IT training, a clear business outcome should be established to guide learning and clarify exactly what actions need to be taken in order to meet the goal. By establishing a company-wide approach to training as progress toward the business’ growth, rather than viewing training as a one-time event in learning and development, corporate IT training can significantly impact a business’ capabilities in a modern tech-driven world. To complete a successful corporate IT training and implement a true business transformation, choosing the right learning system and identifying which personnel in which departments can benefit the most from corporate IT training can make a huge difference. By investing in their people, organizations can maximize the impact of corporate IT training.

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