Upskilling in North Carolina: Addressing the Technology Skills Gap

By Jes­si­ca Mitsch ● November 30, 2020

This year Momentum, in partnership with Clarkston Consulting, is proud to be the 2020 Report Sponsor for NC TECH's IT Job Trends Report.

Each month NC TECH releases a monthly Tech Talent/ IT Jobs snapshot which captures the environment for tech employment in North Carolina. We’re sharing insights on tech talent and upskilling in North Carolina here on the blog!

The significant role of upskilling in North Carolina

Whether they know it or not, nearly every company today is a technology company. Many organizations have training programs designed to introduce new skills to tech resources, but how many have corporate training programs robust enough to enable non-tech employees to transfer their skills into junior software developer, systems analyst, user support specialist or quality assurance roles?

Organizations must be willing to experiment with new talent retention and development models, especially when it comes to filling technical positions. As the job market for software developers continues to grow much faster than other job areas, more companies are sending talented, business-savvy employees to external training programs to fill technology positions. Consider if you can invest and train employees well-versed in your company and culture from customer service, manufacturing, human resources, and finance into tech talent for your business.

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