Training for Developers on React and Modern JavaScript Tooling

By Jes­si­ca Mitsch ● March 17, 2021

As the tech landscape is quickly evolving, continuous training for developers should be top of mind for any organization looking to stay ahead.

The vast number of different popular frameworks makes it difficult to know what your company should invest in, but topping many lists of the best frameworks for developers to know is React.js.

React.js has taken the front-end development space by storm, gaining the title as the #2 “most loved web framework” of 2020 in a survey by Stack Overflow. Today, over four million live websites use React and industry leaders like Airbnb, WhatsApp, Netflix, and others use React.js in their software productions.

Among some of the key benefits of React.js that differentiate it from other front-end frameworks are its speed, flexibility, and performance. React.js enables developers to write individual parts of a program and use these specific parts on both the client-side and the server-side. React.js also utilizes a modular structure that is component-based, making the React.js code easy to maintain and flexible. When it comes to performance, React.js uses a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) and server-side rendering, eliminating the common issue of slowed down performance.

Compared to similar front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue, React.js is widely praised as being easy to learn and having a low barrier to entry due to its intuitive nature. With some extra support from a custom React.js training program, developers will quickly become experts in the space after only a few days.

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Learn how we helped a group of developers level up in React

Momentum recently partnered with a technology company to create a custom training for developers that dove into React.js. The client had a large and talented team of developers who were looking to stay fresh in their skills and successfully finish a project that was already utilizing the React framework.

By the end of this two-day training for developers, attendees were able to confidently jump into React.js and tackle problems with a deeper nuance and level of understanding. The team of developers went from having a very basic understanding of the framework to tackling more complex topics like hooks and feeling more confident in their skills and equipped to apply them in their latest projects.

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