4 Tips and a Sample on How to Request Training from Your Boss

Jessica mitsch By Jessica Mitsch ● April 07, 2021
4 Tips and a Sample on How to Request Training from Your Boss
You may be con­tem­plat­ing how to request train­ing from your boss.
Train­ing is impor­tant for keep­ing your skills pro­gres­sion up to date and improv­ing your abil­i­ty to bring new knowl­edge and ben­e­fits to a project or team, and tech­ni­cal train­ing can also help you move for­ward in your career path with­in your com­pa­ny. You might be seek­ing out a train­ing pro­gram best fit to your needs, but it will often come with asso­ci­at­ed costs- there­fore, you may be inter­est­ed in approv­ing fund­ing for a train­ing pro­gram through your com­pa­ny. Depend­ing on your rela­tion­ship with your boss, this step of ask­ing for fund­ing can be intim­i­dat­ing. To help, we’re pro­vid­ing 4 major tips and a sam­ple for how to request train­ing from your boss.

Tip 1: Share the specifics

It is impor­tant for you to pro­vide all nec­es­sary and rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion about the train­ing in your request let­ter. This includes the date, time, cost, and a pri­ma­ry link to infor­ma­tion about the train­ing in case your boss wants to see details straight from the source. You can also pro­vide a hand­ful of dif­fer­ent train­ing pro­gram options that can help you meet your train­ing goals so that you are more like­ly to receive an approval. Just be sure to empha­size your top choice and why it would be most ben­e­fi­cial for you and for the company.

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Tip 2: Explain the benefits

Your train­ing request should high­light the main ben­e­fits of your par­tic­i­pa­tion in the train­ing. You can include the impact of the train­ing on cur­rent projects you are work­ing on, or the ROI for the train­ing for the com­pa­ny. You may also want to empha­size how your train­ing can help fill any exist­ing skills gaps with­in your group, and how the train­ing can make you more valu­able as an indi­vid­ual on the team.

Tip 3: Show your best self

You should express your ded­i­ca­tion and loy­al­ty to your com­pa­ny and team. To demon­strate your hard work, high­light some recent suc­cess­es, team con­tri­bu­tions, and note out­comes from any pre­vi­ous train­ings if applic­a­ble. Since you are ask­ing your com­pa­ny to fund your pre­ferred train­ing, you can also seek out feed­back, such as whether oth­er train­ing rec­om­men­da­tions might be bet­ter suit­ed. You should also express appre­ci­a­tion for the time your boss is tak­ing to con­sid­er the request.

Tip 4: Make it easy on your boss

Put your­self in your boss’s shoes. Is your request let­ter clear and does it pro­vide all the infor­ma­tion need­ed for them to make a deci­sion? Have you expressed the impact of the train­ing time on your oth­er project sched­ule and adjust­ed accord­ing­ly? Are you offer­ing to meet to fur­ther dis­cuss the train­ing or next steps for reg­is­tra­tion? These lit­tle details can make a big dif­fer­ence in your boss’s like­li­hood of receiv­ing your request well.

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