Take Your Team to the Next Level: Programming Languages Used by Top Companies

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Take Your Team to the Next Level Programming Languages Used by Top Companies featured
Let’s take a look at two of the most com­mon pro­gram­ming lan­guages used by top com­pa­nies, and why invest­ing in cor­po­rate train­ing is so valuable.
Momen­tum rec­og­nizes the impor­tance of suc­cess­ful dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion for busi­ness­es today, and at the same time under­stands how dif­fi­cult the process can be. We’re here to help ease the tran­si­tion. Momen­tum is part­ner­ing with com­pa­nies to upskill employ­ees and pro­vide them with valu­able IT skills that can increase effi­cien­cy across the entire organization.
To help your busi­ness lev­el up, here are two of the most pop­u­lar soft­ware lan­guages being used by top orga­ni­za­tions to make their teams more effi­cient. Here’s why your team should be using them too.


JavaScript is used as the client-side pro­gram­ming lan­guage by 97.4% of web­sites. If your com­pa­ny is look­ing to increase the inter­ac­tive nature of your web­site and pro­vide a smooth expe­ri­ence for the user, train­ing your employ­ees in JavaScript is a great place to start.
JavaScript is pre­ferred by many busi­ness­es for a num­ber of rea­sons. JavaScript is extreme­ly com­pat­i­ble with oth­er pro­gram­ming lan­guages, mak­ing it an opti­mal choice when choos­ing a lan­guage for your team. JavaScript is a great choice for full-stack devel­op­ment, mak­ing for added con­ve­nience if your com­pa­ny would pre­fer to uni­fy its web appli­ca­tion around a sin­gle language.
A quick search online will reveal that JavaScript is in fact the most pop­u­lar of the pro­gram­ming lan­guages used by top com­pa­nies. Pay­pal, Net­flix, Uber, Google, and Face­book all exe­cute JavaScript as an essen­tial part of their oper­a­tion. Many of these com­pa­nies take their com­mit­ment to JavaScript even fur­ther through use of Node.js – a JavaScript run­time envi­ron­ment that allows for back-end devel­op­ment in addi­tion to front-end (the typ­i­cal use for JavaScript).
Net­flix under­went an update in 2015 that result­ed in a 70% reduc­tion in start­up time, a smoother tran­si­tion between views, and increased user sat­is­fac­tion. They cred­it­ed this change to an adop­tion of uni­ver­sal JavaScript run on both the client and serv­er sides. Before the enhance­ment of the ren­der­ing pipeline, Net­flix was expe­ri­enc­ing unde­sir­able results in start­up time as users would have to wait longer peri­ods of time to browse and view con­tent on the web­site. With JavaScript on both the front and back ends, pro­cess­ing time is reduced and ren­der­ing is con­sol­i­dat­ed with one lan­guage. Netflix’s adop­tion of uni­ver­sal JavaScript has not only enabled faster stream­ing times, but has allowed the com­pa­ny to expand from stream­ing into con­tent production.


If you’re con­sid­er­ing upskilling your employ­ees in cod­ing, there are a num­ber of advan­tages to choos­ing Python. First, Python is an open-source cod­ing lan­guage, which means it is free for any­one to use. As a result, there is a robust selec­tion of exist­ing libraries for almost any need you may encounter. It also reads like the Eng­lish lan­guage, mak­ing it eas­i­er to under­stand for beginners.
Both Insta­gram and Uber use Python on the back-end of their web appli­ca­tions. Accord­ing to Insta­gram Engi­neer­ing, Insta­gram cur­rent­ly fea­tures the world’s largest deploy­ment of the Djan­go web frame­work, which is writ­ten entire­ly in Python.” Insta­gram employs Python to oper­ate at a mas­sive scale for its 800 mil­lion month­ly active users.
Uber also uses Python on a large scale, with Python and Node.js being the two main lan­guages that pow­er the major­i­ty of the ser­vices at Uber. Some ser­vices you may rec­og­nize include the Ride Request fea­ture in the Uber app, surge pric­ing, arrival esti­mates and oth­er calculations.

Going For­ward

If your busi­ness is look­ing to take your team to the next lev­el, Momen­tum can help. Momen­tum can pro­vide a cus­tom pro­gram to meet your upskilling needs in these lan­guages and more. If you are inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about cor­po­rate train­ing for your team, con­tact us today!
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