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How to Identify Employee Training and Development Needs featured

How to Iden­ti­fy Employ­ee Train­ing and Devel­op­ment Needs

Companies that seek to identify employee training and development needs to develop in-house talent need to invest in cultivating talent in the surrounding community.
Confronting IT Talent Shortages featured

Con­fronting IT Tal­ent Shortages

The tech industry continues to adjust to changes in the workplace, and the growing need for IT talent, labor shortages, and rising wages continues to create harsh competition in the industry.
Tech Talent Recruiting Identifying Hidden Talent Sources during the Labor Shortage featured

Tech Tal­ent Recruit­ing: Iden­ti­fy­ing Hid­den Tal­ent Sources dur­ing the Labor Shortage

Companies are closing the tech talent recruiting gap by closing the opportunity gap: tech talent recruiting leads are beginning to partner with software engineering bootcamps and other training organizations to cultivate net new tech talent.
SM Four Best Practices to Execute Your Employee Retention Strategy featured

Four Best Prac­tices to Exe­cute Your Employ­ee Reten­tion Strategy

In this post, we share best practices to execute your employee retention strategy with leaders of professional development and training teams.
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Improve Tech Tal­ent Reten­tion through Employ­ee Train­ing and Development

Are you a manager or senior leader struggling to combat the rising wave of resignations in your company, and seeking proven strategies to improve talent retention?
Top Tech Talent Insights of 2021 FEATURED

Top Tech Tal­ent Insights of 2021

As 2022 begins, we're reflecting on the top tech talent insights of 2021.
The Value of Upskilling Employees FEATURED

The Val­ue of Upskilling Employees

In this eBook, focused on upskilling employees, we lay out a comprehensive view into 5 different segments of your tech talent development strategy.
Top Tech Recruiting Trends in 2022 FEATURED

Top Tech Recruit­ing Trends in 2022

When it comes to the top tech recruiting trends in 2022, businesses should focus on data-driven recruiting, prioritizing internal mobility, and reconsidering what a "qualified" candidate looks like.
Copy of Featured Image Talent Pipeline

Build­ing a Win­ning Tech Tal­ent Pipeline Strategy

This blog lays out four proven methods to create a strong tech talent pipeline strategy.
How to Retain Tech Talent Featured

How to Retain Tech Tal­ent: Com­bat­ting the Great Resignation

This post offers recommendations for how to retain tech talent during this uncertain time of widespread resignations.
Employing Veterans Featured

Spon­sor­ing and Employ­ing Vet­er­ans for Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Training

Veterans are an underutilized talent pool for the tech industry, which is in dire need of skilled workers. This post explores how companies can prioritize employing veterans through scholarship opportunities.
Why Customized Corporate Training Promotes Employee Engagement FEATURED

Why Cus­tomized Cor­po­rate Train­ing Pro­motes Employ­ee Engagement

Customized corporate training for tech companies personalizes learning solutions to fit your team's distinct needs, increasing employee engagement and alignment with your business strategy.