Taking Momentum Courses: Software Engineering Immersive vs Part-Time

By Katie Dunn ● 02/11/2021

Taking Momentum Courses: Software Engineering Immersive vs Part-Time

By Katie Dunn ● 02/11/2021

Taking coding courses has long been a great solution for starting careers in technology-many consider it their best option. But when it comes to joining coding courses today, there are new and ongoing factors to keep in mind when making the right decision for your career and your schedule.

One of these is whether an immersive or part-time coding course makes the most sense.

The Momentum courses provide software engineering skills training in both full-time and part-time schedules. All in an online, remote access format. In both courses, you’ll learn front-end and back-end technologies, build a robust portfolio with specialized skills, and practice Agile methodologies. The result? Become a professional software developer ready for hire by leading companies.

The Momentum courses provide software engineering skills training at both full-time and part-time schedules. All in an online, remote access format.

For both course formats, our Raleigh-Durham based coding school provides expert career services support every step of the way, including personalized career guidance, technical interview training, and proven tools to excel even in the remote world. We’re here to help you understand this industry that may be new to you and set you up for long-term success in your tech career. We believe in our coding courses, career services experts, incredible network, and you. That’s why if you do not get a job offer within 9 months of graduation, we will refund your tuition.

When it comes to choosing a Momentum coding course that’s right for you, there are a few things to know plus, some questions to ask yourself before you get started. We explore them here:

1. Time commitment

An immersive course is a rigorous approach, as it offers a full-time learning experience. Our Software Engineering Immersive course has a five days a week commitment, with additional hours required outside of class to complete weekly web development projects. With a schedule that tends to require 40 hours per week, immersive learners often pause their full-time jobs if they are able to while they are in the course.

Software Engineering Part-Time provides a more flexible schedule with 12-15 hours of in-class learning per week. Learners appreciate the ability to access live instruction and demos on weekday mornings or on-demand. And they can select a time slot for virtual workshops that fits their schedule. The flexibility creates a way for people with full-time jobs or family responsibilities to learn on their own time.

2. Learning style

By joining the Immersive course, learners spend a significant amount of time in instructor-led lectures and regularly practice pair programming as they work alongside their cohort. That means working closely with their fellow Immersive students on programming projects, daily questions, and technical presentations.

Part-Time learners take a more independent role in their learning experience. We use a “flipped classroom” model – an instructional strategy that increases your engagement in learning. You’ll watch and read material before class, and then work with an instructor and classmates on projects and problems in class together. Time management and self-starter attitude will help you get the most out of time inside and outside of class.

3. Schedule considerations

A regular schedule in Immersive is 9:30am to 5pm on Mondays – Thursdays, and then 9:30am to 11am on Fridays. Outside of class sessions, a cohort tackles assignments and collaborates together on problems on our virtual campus.

The Part-Time course meets for short instructional code demos on weekday mornings. And learners have the option for the best times to participate in programming projects in the afternoon or evenings, and optional weekends. You can expect a total of 3 hours of in-class (or on-demand) learning each day at a time that works for you.

4. Support system

When deciding between Immersive or Part-Time, we encourage folks to consider who can be a support to them as they endeavor in this new learning experience. Review the time commitment and schedule with your loved ones or ones you coordinate closely with, so everyone is clear on expectations and your responsibilities. This will help you select an option that you all feel comfortable with, knowing that this will be a big commitment and positive long-term life-changing experience for you and your loved ones.

Momentum courses are designed to make learning accessible so careers in technology can start today and grow in the future. And that is why we’ve created our new Software Engineering Part-Time course so you can get your start in tech now. Submit an application today, and our Admissions Advisor will help you identify the best coding course for you.

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