Prepare Your 2023 Talent with Momentum

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/06/2023

Prepare Your 2023 Talent with Momentum

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/06/2023

With the current economic uncertainty and the possibility of a recession on the horizon, it is important now, perhaps more than ever, to be strategic in filling your tech talent gap. The recruiting and hiring process is not black-and-white, and organizations must look at alternative routes and opportunities to fill their open positions. In a recent survey, top executives listed the lack of capable talent, skills deficits, and high recruiting costs as some of their biggest challenges.

In order to combat these challenges, we have outlined ways you can best prepare your 2023 talent below.

Look Elsewhere for Talent

Some of the best tech candidates are found in non-traditional ways, so consider altering job requirements or criteria to widen the search pool and diversify the candidates reached. Similarly, catering to remote workers by offering flexible working conditions amplifies desirability. Additionally, identifying alternative and non-traditional talent, like STAR (Skilled Through Alternative Routes) and NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) candidates, can work to alleviate some pressure due to talent shortages. As opposed to solely relying on traditional college graduates, taking this unique approach to talent acquisition opens the door for candidates with many of the soft and hard skills required.

Promote Internal Mobility

Looking internally for talent and seeing the value in your current employees is a long-standing practice. Promoting a sense of internal mobility through upskilling and reskilling or training and development not only enhances employee growth but can help meet future demand and boost retention and satisfaction rates. At Momentum, we have partnered with a number of companies to upskill and reskill their workforce in preparation for the future of tech. Promoting internal growth through training is critical to remain agile and competitive in today’s market as it broadens skillsets and cultivates new talent.

Leverage Momentum’s Source, Train, Hire, Support Program

Building your own tech talent with our “Source, Train, Hire, Support” program offers a unique approach to curating an efficient and knowledgeable team. In this program, Momentum works with your company before sourcing and vetting the most ideal candidates for your needs, which you will then select for training. After selection, candidates will begin Momentum’s software engineering program, with regular progress reports along the way. After training is complete, your team will finalize offers to candidates that meet your hiring criteria, and candidates will convert to full-time tech roles. Once we have helped you successfully source, train, and hire candidates, we remain an extension of your team that is here to support you.

Learn more about how you can prepare your 2023 talent with Momentum here.

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