Momentum Announces Full Tuition Sponsorship Opportunity with insightsoftware

By Lisa Goodall Ashkinos ● 04/06/2022

Momentum Announces Full Tuition Sponsorship Opportunity with insightsoftware

By Lisa Goodall Ashkinos ● 04/06/2022

We are so pleased to announce that insightsoftware, the dynamic software company that develops solutions for the Office of the CFO, has announced that they will sponsor a group of talented Raleigh Durham-area learners through Momentum’s upcoming May 16 immersive, full stack engineering program, with the goal of hiring graduates as Associate Software Engineers at the completion of the program. insightsoftware is keenly focused on advancing their team capabilities by sponsoring candidates from populations underrepresented in technology today – and values the wide variety of skills and experiences that candidates will bring into their engineering training!

The opportunity for aspiring software engineers to translate past work experiences, studies, and the talents and creative pursuits they are passionate about into well-paying careers in the fast-growing field of software engineering through Momentum training can be life changing. And the hard and soft skills that candidates bring to their hiring companies has been very well-received – one company with 8 Momentum grads on staff said:

“The Momentum grads we have on our team have blossomed into filling critical delivery roles in an exceptionally short time frame. Our senior resources continually rave about their unique ability to tackle tough technical challenges and how well they learn quickly. Our Momentum folks are leaders on our team and have exceptional careers ahead of them!”

Ideal candidates for insightsoftware engineering sponsorship and future careers will have previous work experience that shows they are hard-working and passionate about their craft, and they want to bring that drive into the field of software engineering. In addition to engaging in Momentum’s 4-month, interactive and immersive full stack engineering training, Momentum learners sponsored by insightsoftware will engage in practical projects tailored for insightsoftware to increase their career readiness.

Please circulate this opportunity to aspiring software engineers in your networks. For more information about this opportunity, check out this profile on Grep Beat.

For information on how to apply for sponsorship, please contact by April 15, 2022.

For information about how to sponsor talent through Momentum training, please contact

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