Life After Coding Bootcamp: Momentum to Pendo

By Katie Dunn ● 09/28/2021

Life After Coding Bootcamp: Momentum to Pendo

By Katie Dunn ● 09/28/2021

What does life after coding bootcamp look like?

There are so many paths one can take that it can be hard to say for certain. One thing that for sure though is that the connections you make while in code school will last you well into your tech career. For many coding bootcamp graduates, life after coding bootcamp means continuing to work with the same people with whom you went through the rigorous training.

A great example of this continued professional network is the growing group of Momentum graduates working together at Pendo. In a recent panel, Momentum invited a group of five graduates back to talk about their transition from training at Momentum to working at Pendo and the value of working with fellow Momentum graduates. While there are many benefits, here are a few that the Pendozers highlighted in their panel with Momentum:

Networking Opportunities with Fellow Code School Graduates

One of the major goals during life after coding bootcamp is finding that first job and starting your new career. The career search becomes a lot less intimidating when you have a built-in group of fellow alumni to network with and seek advice from during your search. It’s even better when fellow graduates have paved the way for you to start conversations at a company. Take, for example, the assistance that Momentum alum Brandon Miller has been able to provide to other Momentum alums applying to Pendo. Brandon started working at Pendo, wowed them, and then made introductions for future Momentum graduates.

Alexa Lane, a Senior Recruiter at Pendo shared her discovery of Momentum and introduction with Brandon. “I sourced Brandon Miller on LinkedIn. That sort of opened up the floodgates with finding all these Momentum grads. Because [Brandon] came into the role, he was super successful, and he started referring people to me. And that’s how I got introduced to Momentum and learned about it and have hired a bunch of people since…”

Established Relationships Making Onboarding Easier

Onboarding at a new job in a new career can be an uncomfortable feeling. Meeting coworkers, asking questions, and learning your new role can be daunting tasks. Having a network of fellow coding bootcamp graduates makes those first few projects after coding bootcamp in a new job less stressful. At least it did in the case of Tip Powell, a recent Momentum graduate who is in his first few weeks of working at Pendo. “As kind of the new guy, the amount of support I’ve received from the team over the last couple of weeks has just been so great… Jocelyn (another Momentum graduate) messaged me yesterday just to check-in, like, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling? Do you have any just dumb questions that you feel like you’re embarrassed to ask?’ So just all the support that I’ve gotten has been great.”

While the list of benefits of working with your code school classmates goes on, the important note to take away is that life after coding bootcamp is made better by the connections created while in coding bootcamp. Momentum graduates working together at Pendo is just one example of these professional relationships and friendships continuing past graduation. While you are studying the full-stack curriculum and creating your programming projects, remember that the connections you are making with your teammates and the code school community are also important. These relationships may just be what connect you to that next phase of your professional career after graduating from code school!

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