In-Demand Tech Skills for 2023

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/26/2023

In-Demand Tech Skills for 2023

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 01/26/2023

As we enter the new year, we continue to hear from companies looking to find new ways to source talent and fill their skills gaps. After all, jobs are changing, especially in the tech industry, with data showing that up to 85% of job postings by 2030 have yet to be invented. While we have seen news of tech layoffs at major companies, the job market and opportunities in North Carolina have remained strong. The market is very much favoring job seekers, especially those with technical skill sets that have historically and continue to be in high demand. As such, the current climate will give individuals a unique opportunity to expand their skillsets and force companies to look at new ways to curate talent.

Below, we lay out six in-demand tech skills for 2023.

In-Demand Tech Skills

Cloud Computing

The demand for cloud computing skills is on an upward trajectory, with total global cloud spending expected to reach over $590 billion in 2023 alone. Organizations are looking for more efficient and reliable ways to manage their data as they take the next steps in their digital journey. Therefore, a candidate with extensive experience in cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), is ideal.


The importance of cybersecurity is ever-growing, and understanding cybersecurity is a must-have skill for any role – tech or not. This year alone, it is predicted that 10 million cybersecurity jobs will be needed. With the pandemic shifting the workplace to a remote or hybrid setting, cybersecurity is of increasing importance, and working with sensitive information requires an extra level of precaution. Therefore, candidates with training in areas like cloud security, risk management, or network security control are the most sought-after.

Data Analysis

The ability to gather, interpret, and then communicate data is vital as data becomes central to most businesses and their strategy. By 2025, 70% of jobs are expected to work directly with data, and therefore, any skills related to data and analytics are extremely valuable. Additional experience in software development, writing, presenting, and more can help set candidates apart.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

While new technologies emerge, the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has only grown. In 2023, global spending on AI is estimated to exceed $500 billion, meaning there is a growing market for those with these specific skillsets. Candidates with experience in software development and with programming languages like Python can be especially helpful in the AI and ML space.

Software Development

Technology roles require a deep understanding of software development and programming, from ERP systems like Oracle to coding languages like HTML. Candidates with training in both front-end and back-end software development across platforms typically bring a multitude of skills to the role that can help your organization succeed.

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This blog was adapted from this piece originally published by a partner in our business ecosystem, Bull City Talent Group. Learn more about BCTG here.

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