How to Career Change with our New Software Engineering Part-Time Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/03/2021

How to Career Change with our New Software Engineering Part-Time Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/03/2021

To create meaningful paths for a career change into tech, we’re excited to announce a new way to become a software developer on your schedule with Momentum’s Software Engineering Part-Time course.

Today, Momentum launches its first part-time learning course featuring a full stack development curriculum. It is accessible virtually from anywhere and will begin this spring.

We recognize that we are all in a unique time of change. For many, this is a chance to consider how to career change in a way that makes sense for you and yours. The Part-Time course was developed in response to realities career changers face as they navigate the remote world, childcare schedules, and job pressures. Our focus is on providing a sustainable solution for career changers for whom a full-time immersive commitment isn’t an option.

The 24-week, part-time course meets you and this moment with a flexible learning experience built with your daily demands in mind. Plus, it features a full stack curriculum in-demand by leading employers. With more scheduling options and a curriculum paced for those managing other responsibilities – be it full-time work or family – the part-time Software Engineering course is an answer to how to career change today.

Find the right time to learn programming each day

Join live instruction & code demos or watch the instructor-led sessions on demand on your own time. Then, collaborate with other learners for a virtual workshop, or lab session, in the afternoon or evening to work on programming projects together.

Get a full stack curriculum at the pace you need

Your Software Engineering Part-Time experience includes 12-15 hours a week in class with a daily schedule you choose. You’ve got flexible options to stay on top of your programming projects when the unexpected comes up at work or home.

Proven career services support delivered

Our career services experts support you through the job search with a process that gets results, even when hiring is done virtually. The interview and hiring process looks different in the remote world and we equip you with the practical tools, personalized career planning, and digital training that’s proven to help you succeed.

With the Part-Time course, you’ll become a software developer fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and have strengthened skills in Python and Django to build dynamic web applications.

Apply here today and join us this spring to learn full stack development, prepare for your career transition, and start a secure, “pandemic-proof” career path in technology.

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