From Recruiting to Retaining Top Tech Talent

By Katie Dunn ● 07/22/2022

From Recruiting to Retaining Top Tech Talent

By Katie Dunn ● 07/22/2022

Now more than ever, tech talent is in high demand. When it comes to attracting top tech talent, the process only begins with recruiting. Once you draw in desired candidates, you must take steps to secure their interest through employment, followed by constant retention strategies. From recruiting to retaining, top tech talent requires commitment from you and your company. Be upfront, clear, and transparent from beginning to end. After all, there is a tech talent shortage, and you probably need them more than they need you.

First, recruit.

Finding top tech talent starts with recruiting. The simple, and sometimes obvious, approach is job boards. From LinkedIn to Indeed, taking the time to get the word out is definitely worthwhile. Developer conferences, forums, groups, and meetups are all great places to look for potential talent. But, more importantly, look outside of the obvious talent pool. Meeting talent where they are can cover more geographic areas, and identifying non-traditional talent, like STAR (Skilled Through Alternative Routes) and NEET candidates, can alleviate pressure. And do not discount referrals; LinkedIn Business found that companies can expand their talent pool ten-fold when leveraging networking and referrals to find top tech talent.

The second aspect to keep in mind when it comes to recruiting is reputation. Your brand image matters, and you want your company to be appealing to candidates. Marketing efforts have the ability to draw in candidates rather than them seeking you out. Advertisements, job posting, and social media are often a starting point for prospective candidates. Employee, student, or client testimonials and success stories are two of many tactics to boost your image – both are effective ways to highlight what is so great about your company and why you are the best choice as opposed to competitors.

Then, interview and hire.

Once you have successfully drawn in top tech talent, it is critical to maintain their interest. The interviewing and then hiring process should be as fast and seamless as possible. Communicate clearly and manage expectations, such as outlining what the interview process will look like, providing a clear timeline, and specifying the day-to-day responsibilities of the role.

Remember, the interviewing and hiring process is where experience first comes into play, so make a good impression. The ideal candidates most likely have options, so you want to stand out as a company. Hammer in why the top tech talent should choose you by referencing benefits, company culture, beliefs, values, initiatives, and more!

Last, retain.

Retention is the last, and arguably most important, step of the process. While you have successfully attracted and secured the desired candidates, you now must keep them fulfilled and satisfied in their new roles. First, show them that you care about them and value them as employees. Provide possibilities for growth and upskilling or reskilling opportunities. Be consistent and stick to your word. A successful retention strategy is a constant and top priority.

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