How long does it take grads to get their first job after coding bootcamp? | Questions from our Inbox

By Katie Dunn ● 05/27/2021

How long does it take grads to get their first job after coding bootcamp? | Questions from our Inbox

By Katie Dunn ● 05/27/2021

So you’ve completed the Momentum program, how long will it take to get your first job after coding bootcamp? Today we’ll answer that question and others from our inbox in our Ask Us Anything series.

We get it – investing in your long-term career is one of the best, but often hardest decisions you can make. To help, we are continuing our AUA blog (ask us anything) series with Jessica our CEO, and Katie our head of Career Development. In this series, we will pull questions from our inbox and answer as best we can. Today we’re touching on everything from virtual learning to getting that first job after coding bootcamp.

You Asked, We Answered

Virtual learning provides good practice for onboarding and working remotely. During the pandemic, we’ve seen many companies hire, onboard, and train their employees completely virtually. Momentum grads often comment on how easy this transition was for them and how it even helped them land the job over other candidates in some cases.

I don’t even really know what software development means. Can I still join a Momentum program and be successful?

You don’t need any prior experience in tech or software development to apply and enroll in our courses. If you are interested in learning more about coding and software development before signing up, Momentum has many free events and low-cost introductory classes to help you get started. In June, we are hosting a 3-part intro to web development class that invites beginners to learn the basics. CODE AS YOU ARE: What even is web development?

You can find other upcoming events posted here.

How long does it typically take Momentum graduates to find their first job after coding bootcamp?

Our average time to hire for graduates is 94 days after graduating. In 2020, the time to hire was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and it was taking our graduates longer to land jobs. We are seeing that time to hire rebound to more normal pre-pandemic levels now that the job market is recovering.

We typically anticipate the job search taking 3 to 5 months after completing our course. You can find more about the career search and success rates in our latest Career Outcomes Report.

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