Why Customized Corporate Training Promotes Employee Engagement

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 10/05/2021

Why Customized Corporate Training Promotes Employee Engagement

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 10/05/2021

Customized corporate training offers personalized and immersive learning opportunities to level-up your workforce.

More and more employers are prioritizing reskilling, upskilling, and the implementation of continuous learning programs for their team. This need to stay agile is particularly prominent for technology companies due to the industry’s nature of rapid change. Employees are also craving this opportunity to excel and evolve in their position, and it is striking that 70% feel they are neither equipped for their job’s future needs nor possess the current requisite skills.

There are a variety of programs available to serve career development purposes, but they are not all created equal. Many businesses turn to easy-to-access subject courses like LinkedIn Learning. These videos cover an array of topics and offer great content; however, some employees may view the more generalized training as busy work lacking personal relevance to their role. This is where customized corporate training shines.

Customized corporate training is just as it sounds-learning that is tailored to the needs of your business and designed with particular role responsibilities in mind. This customization helps the content feel applicable, increasing participation and thus effectiveness of the material.

Here are three reasons why going the custom route will make all the difference in your team’s engagement levels:

1. Provides Flexibility and Alignment with Business Objectives

Being able to cater teaching to the skill level, working style, and schedules of employees is essential to ensure the best learning possible. Perhaps employees should take skills assessments to determine where they should start in training? Would they prefer being empowered to select which topics most interest them and their professional goals? Maybe courses should be online but have some immersive, in-person applications? When curating a customized program for employees, these types of important considerations can be made. And when your peoples’ unique needs are met, they will be more satisfied with their learning experience.

In addition to flexibility in format, customized corporate training can assist in specifying what types of skills should be honed for different roles to accomplish the broader business strategy. For instance, a company that has had privacy breaches in the past may identify cybersecurity best practices as a key course for their employees to take. Financially, this adaptability also saves companies from investing in curriculum that is cursory and does not add value to their people and processes.

2. Fosters a Learning Company Environment

Customized corporate training requires more strategic planning than selecting a generic class, but that extra intention goes a long way in encouraging company-wide adoption of a mindset constantly oriented toward improvement. A big contributor to the success of these custom solutions is that there are initiatives focused on learning goals at every level, starting from the top. Employees are 59% more likely to be engaged if they are supervised by highly engaged managers, so ensuring this training is modeled throughout all hierarchical tiers is essential.

Additionally, allowing for some influence on course material is another perk of custom solutions; featuring company leadership or management in relevant online learning content is something that 72% of employees report they would be particularly motivated to engage with. It’s one thing for companies to say they are invested in their peoples’ development and another to commit to ingraining growth opportunities into daily activities. Businesses that can achieve this culture are seen to have 37% higher employee productivity, increasing quality of work and yielding increased ROI.

3. Allows for Specific Feedback

The feedback companies can gain from customized corporate training is more useful than merely being able to judge viewership of a video. For example, specific feedback enables managers to identify potential areas of weakness in performance or places where employees’ talents thrive. They can see if any individuals need extra support or whether there is a more widespread knowledge gap that needs filling.

These insights could also help inform the HR department about the types of candidates to seek out or indicate where there should be more in-depth onboarding training. When employees have an understanding of their strengths and places needing improvement, they can actively work to sharpen their skills-signaling they should seek out a mentor or work toward a promotion in a narrower track, for example. Taking ownership of one’s career trajectory can only be made if employees know where they stand and what their potential could be, which customized corporate training can help discover thanks to the detailed data it generates.

94% of employees report they would stay at their companies longer if they invested in professional and career development opportunities. Technology experiences one of the highest rates of turnover than any industry so the retention advantages that customized corporate training can bring are powerful. On the other hand, employees just keep getting busier, so training must be a worthwhile investment of their time and attention. Customized corporate training is a great way to maximize this learning opportunity and do so in as engaging a way as possible.

Momentum offers a range of courses on tech topics such as software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity as well as soft business skills. We continue expanding our services and always put our business partners first, so that each training experience best supports your team’s aspirations.

Co-authored by Ginny Howey

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