What’s Python? How Do I Learn Python Skills?

Micah headshot By Micah Rogers ● February 24, 2021
Whats Python Learn Python Skills
Between emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies, lega­cy pro­gram­ming lan­guages, pop­u­lar code, and the vari­ety of cod­ing cours­es avail­able, find­ing the right pro­gram­ming lan­guages for your career change can feel like a daunt­ing task – let alone under­stand­ing how to learn those skills in an effec­tive, man­age­able way that works for you.
Python is mak­ing head­lines, going main­stream, and being adopt­ed by orga­ni­za­tions of all sizes. So, what’s Python anyway?

What’s Python?

Python is a pro­gram­ming lan­guage that helps you work effi­cient­ly and inte­grates sys­tems effec­tive­ly. Actu­al­ly, it is one of the most pop­u­lar pro­gram­ming lan­guages in the world.

This high-lev­el pro­gram­ming lan­guage is pow­er­ful, fast, and com­pat­i­ble with a wide vari­ety of oper­at­ing sys­tems. It is a mul­ti-pur­pose lan­guage that can be used for pro­gram­ming tasks such as web devel­op­ment, sci­en­tif­ic com­put­ing, sys­tem admin­is­tra­tion, and more.

Python is devel­oped under an open source license, mak­ing it freely avail­able to all who are inter­est­ed in using it. Python pro­gram­ming doing for peo­ple with non-tech back­grounds? Giv­ing them an easy-to-learn pro­gram­ming lan­guage with mas­sive ben­e­fits for their long-term career as the world goes dig­i­tal more and more. Let’s explore why.

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Why Learn Python Skills in 2021?

As busi­ness­es accel­er­ate their dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion, there is an increased empha­sis on entire orga­ni­za­tions devel­op­ing tech­nol­o­gy skills. Sus­tain­able, suc­cess­ful dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion requires the right skills that work­ers in all depart­ments can learn.

What’s Python got to do with this? Python offers ease of use and com­pat­i­bil­i­ty that is crit­i­cal for all learn­ers, espe­cial­ly begin­ners in non-tech roles. Learn­ing Python skills does­n’t depend on hav­ing a STEM back­ground and boasts a wel­com­ing inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty of programmers.

"Python offers ease of use and com­pat­i­bil­i­ty that is crit­i­cal for all learn­ers, espe­cial­ly begin­ners in non-tech roles."

Though sim­ple to learn and easy to ana­lyze, the mul­ti-pur­pose lan­guage can be used for com­plet­ing a diverse set of pro­gram­ming tasks and pro­vides excep­tion­al scal­a­bil­i­ty. With Python skills, you can begin build­ing web appli­ca­tions, quick­ly con­tribute to hands-on data projects, and be ready to learn oth­er pro­gram­ming languages.

Python con­tin­ues to grow in pop­u­lar­i­ty across the world. In North Car­oli­na (home to Momen­tum), Python is on the list of top 20 tech­nol­o­gy skills. Plus, the use of Python skills in Jan­u­ary 2021 increased +26% com­pared to the same time last year.

How Do I Learn Python Skills?

To get famil­iar with Python, try free tuto­ri­als avail­able and join free crash cours­es for begin­ners, like this inter­ac­tive crash host­ed by Momen­tum March 10th. If you enjoy what you find there, you can take the next step to learn Python skills by find­ing a cod­ing course that offers strong train­ing in the lan­guage. Then, deter­mine the course that works for you and sub­mit an application.

Momen­tum teach­es Python skills in its Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Immer­sive course. This online cod­ing course starts May 10th and gives you live, instruc­tor-led train­ing in Python so you can land great jobs in tech. In the 16-week course, you’ll learn back-devel­op­ment with Python, prac­tic­ing pro­gram­ming prin­ci­ples with Python and build­ing web appli­ca­tions with Djan­go and Python skills. Plus, you’ll learn JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more full-stack devel­op­er skills.

As you con­tin­ue to devel­op your Python skills, you can access a sup­port­ive, friend­ly com­mu­ni­ty of Python devel­op­ers. With mee­tups, con­fer­ences, and dis­cus­sion boards to col­lab­o­rate on code, you’ll have help along the way.

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How Do I Apply My Python Skills?

Python skills equip you for job titles such as Web Devel­op­er, Qual­i­ty Assur­ance Engi­neer, and Full Stack Devel­op­er. You can then progress on to mid-to-senior lev­el posi­tions in your career, so there’s con­sid­er­able room for growth. But Python skills can also be applied to a vari­ety of tech­ni­cal roles such as Data Ana­lyst and Prod­uct Manager.

What Is Python Learn Python Skills
With our Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Immer­sive cod­ing course, you’ll become a cer­ti­fied soft­ware devel­op­er with a robust set of Python skills and full stack expe­ri­ence. Our career ser­vices sup­port helps you find the tech­nol­o­gy careers you’re inter­est­ed in with per­son­al­ized, proven tools and resources. Work with our team to find a job in less than 9 months or your tuition back. That’s our job place­ment promise to you. What’s Python offer­ing you? In-demand skills to pro­pel your career for­ward. Now, how do you see your­self using your new Python skills?

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