Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU Coding Bootcamp

Micah headshot By Micah Rogers ● August 12, 2021
Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU Coding Bootcamp FEATURED
Today we’re talk­ing all about the Tri­an­gle, and why your enroll­ment in an RDU Cod­ing Boot­camp could be life changing.
Demand for tech tal­ent is high­er than ever before. New tech­nol­o­gy cen­ters are emerg­ing in cities across the coun­try. It’s no sur­prise then, that these two pat­terns com­bined makes for an ide­al loca­tion to kick­start a career. One of these loca­tions is the Raleigh-Durham area.

What is the Tech Tal­ent Crunch?

As com­pa­nies across the globe under­go dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tions, the job mar­ket is faced with a tech tal­ent short­age. New tech­nolo­gies are devel­op­ing faster than humans are able to adapt, and the hir­ing demand can not be met. The Covid-19 pan­dem­ic has caused an even larg­er need for tech tal­ent as busi­ness­es have had to learn how to work remote­ly and adopt new tech­nolo­gies to sur­vive. Many of the mod­ern­ized ways of work­ing that once seemed tem­po­rary amid a pan­dem­ic are becom­ing per­ma­nent, and the demand for tal­ent will only con­tin­ue to grow.
Accord­ing to CompTIA’s 2021 Work­force and Learn­ing Trends report, 66% of com­pa­nies have plans to hire tech staff in 2021 — a 22% increase from last year. Those with the in-demand skills are see­ing sub­stan­tial growth in wages and com­pet­i­tive offers in an attempt by com­pa­nies to close the skills gap. Over 40% of employ­ees are con­sid­er­ing mak­ing a job change — now is a bet­ter time than any for you to do the same and enroll in an RDU cod­ing bootcamp.

Raleigh-Durham is the Next Tech Hub

Momen­tum is con­fi­dent Raleigh-Durham is the next tech hub of the south­east, and we have the evi­dence to back it up. The area is home to three of the nation’s top research uni­ver­si­ties: UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and North Car­oli­na State, all con­tribut­ing to a cul­ture of inno­va­tion. Aside from it’s insti­tu­tions, the Research Tri­an­gle Park (RTP) hous­es hun­dreds of com­pa­nies in the tech­nol­o­gy sec­tor and takes the title of largest research park in the Unit­ed States. In April, Apple announced a new cam­pus that will be built in RTP, with an esti­mat­ed 3,000 jobs com­ing along with it. Among the jobs offered will be soft­ware engi­neer­ing, arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, and machine learn­ing that will pay a min­i­mum aver­age salary of $187,000.
Google recent­ly announced a Durham-based cloud engi­neer­ing hub that is pro­ject­ed to cre­ate 1,000 jobs in the Durham area over the next sev­er­al years. In fact, the com­pa­ny plans to have 150 employ­ees by the end of 2021. Beyond RTP, Durham is a hub for many star­tups, includ­ing Momen­tum — an RDU cod­ing boot­camp and cor­po­rate part­ner. In fact, Durham was dubbed the Start­up cap­i­tal of the South” by CNBC. Between the Amer­i­can Under­ground com­mu­ni­ty, and Inno­vate Durham, the exam­ples of inno­va­tion are end­less. We can think of no bet­ter place for you to make your career switch.

So, What Now?

Maybe we’ve con­vinced you that Raleigh-Durham is the place to be, or maybe you’ve known that all along. The ques­tion is, what do you do now? How do you start a tech career and become hire­able? Enrolling in an RDU cod­ing boot­camp like Momen­tum is a great place to start. Through our soft­ware engi­neer­ing course, Momen­tum can pro­vide you with the tech skills you need for the career you want. With the help of our expe­ri­enced instruc­tors, you’ll learn full-stack devel­op­ment and be ready for your new career in 16 weeks. We even offer career ser­vices to help you secure the job and pre­pare you for suc­cess in the work­place. To learn more about Momen­tum, con­tact us today!

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