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Advice for Beginning your Tech Career Search

Advice for Begin­ning your Tech Career Search

When starting a tech career search, knowing what top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for is critical for success.
I have no coding experience is Momentum right for me Questions from our Inbox featured NX Power Lite Copy

I have no cod­ing expe­ri­ence, is Momen­tum right for me? Ques­tions from our Inbox

For someone with no coding experience, taking those first steps to learn about a coding bootcamp program can be daunting.
What are the top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for

What are the top tech skills in 2021 employ­ers are look­ing for?

Knowing the top tech skills in 2021 employers are looking for is critical to land your dream job.
How to Switch Careers As A Parent Pay For Coding Courses

How to Switch Careers as a Par­ent and Pay for Code School

Making the choice to switch careers as a parent can be intimidating. Setting up the right strategies to manage schedules and pay for code school is key to a successful switch.
Whats Python Learn Python Skills

What’s Python? How Do I Learn Python Skills?

Python is making headlines, going mainstream, and being adopted by organizations of all sizes. So, what’s Python anyway? We explore what makes the technology buzz-worthy and how you can learn the in-demand skill.
Momentum taking momentum courses

Tak­ing Momen­tum Cours­es: Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Immer­sive vs Part-Time

Explore the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing between Momentum courses.
Jobs technology impacted pandemic

Search­ing for Jobs in Tech­nol­o­gy in the Pan­dem­ic? Con­sid­er These 3 Things

As Momentum continues to support software developers in their search for jobs in technology during COVID-19, we've found these three things are true.
Momentum starting down new career path

5 Tips to Start­ing Your New Career Path

Tackle a career switch and understand the pros and cons with these proven tips for starting down a new career path.
Momentum taking gap year coding school

Your Secret to Tak­ing a Gap Year and Get­ting Ahead

The benefits of taking a gap year are extensive. We explore available opportunities.
Momentum why career software development right for you

Why a Career in Soft­ware Devel­op­ment Could Be Right for You

There are plenty of reasons why a career in software development could be right for you. Here's what to keep in mind.
Momentum tips career change 30

Three Tips for Mak­ing a Career Change at 30

Making a career change at 30 can feel challenging. But really you're at a flexible stage in your career! Take the leap with these three helpful tips.
Momentum guide best second career in tech skills

A Guide to the Best Sec­ond Career in Tech: What Skills Are Needed?

If you're a career changer who's considering a second career in tech, here's a primer for you. Use this tips and resources to make a smart switch.