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Computer Science Bootcamp North Carolina Featured

Prepar­ing to Search: Com­put­er Sci­ence Boot­camp North Carolina?

If you are thinking about a career change to software engineering and searching for the right bootcamp, we outline all the things you need to consider.
Women Going Back to Work Featured

Women Going Back to Work in Tech: Start­ing New Careers

Many women are going back to work post-Covid, and large numbers of them are turning to careers in tech as a next step.
Considering a Career Change FEATURED

Con­sid­er­ing a Career Change? Give Tech a Try

This post brings attention to how technology is a terrific field to explore for those considering a career change during this time of massive resignations.
How Effective Are Coding Bootcamps FEATURED

How Effec­tive Are Cod­ing Bootcamps?

This article outlines various considerations for assessing how effective are coding bootcamps.
Software Engineering Career Paths 4 Cool Coding Jobs FEATURED

Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Career Paths: 4 Cool Cod­ing Jobs

This post explores a few software engineering career paths that coding bootcamp graduates can pursue..
Life After Coding Bootcamp Momentum to Pendo Featured

Life After Cod­ing Boot­camp: Momen­tum to Pendo

For many Momentum graduates, life after coding boot camp means continuing to embrace the incredible development community that they have built.
4 Benefits of Instructor Led Training Vs E Learning featured

4 Ben­e­fits of Instruc­tor-Led Train­ing Vs. E‑Learning

While the ease of e-learning is unparalleled in terms of both access and cost, there are many important aspects of live, instructor-led training that make it a more fruitful long-term investment.
Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU Coding Bootcamp FEATURED

Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU Cod­ing Bootcamp

Today we’re talking all about the Triangle, and why your enrollment in an RDU Coding Bootcamp could be life changing.
Copy of Featured Image 2 NX Power Lite Copy

The Life of a Pro­gram­mer: First Projects After Bootcamp

What better way to learn about the life of a programmer than by diving into their day-to-day projects? Today, we'll take a look at some of the first projects assigned to web developers after bootcamp.
How to choose a bootcamp Featured Image

How to Choose a Cod­ing Bootcamp

Knowing how to choose a coding bootcamp comes down to asking the right questions. Today we'll dive into the best questions to ask before you make your decision.
Programming Soft Skills From Server to Web Developer featured

Pro­gram­ming Soft Skills: From Serv­er to Web Developer

Today we’ll dive into the service industry, and all of the programming soft skills that would make a server or restaurant manager a great web developer.
Driving Diversity in Tech Through Coding Bootcamp Scholarships featured NX Power Lite Backup

Dri­ving Diver­si­ty in Tech Through Cod­ing Boot­camp Scholarships

Spencer Health Solutions, Inc. partnered with Momentum to help to drive diversity in tech, by providing coding bootcamp scholarships to people from underrepresented minority groups to enroll in Momentum’s full-time 16-week Software Engineering Immersive course.