How to Switch Careers as a Parent and Pay for Code School

Micah headshot By Micah Rogers ● March 01, 2021
How to Switch Careers As A Parent Pay For Coding Courses
Mak­ing the choice to switch careers as a par­ent can be intimidating.
Finan­cial lim­i­ta­tions and fam­i­ly respon­si­bil­i­ties are among the top con­sid­er­a­tions when peo­ple apply to Momen­tum cours­es, and we believe these con­sid­er­a­tions are even more top of mind for par­ents. But, switch­ing careers and mak­ing the piv­ot to tech as a par­ent is pos­si­ble. Our grad­u­ates are liv­ing proof. Grad­u­ates like Craig Brunen­graber and Micky McK­eon were able to switch careers and now expe­ri­ence the long-term ben­e­fits, includ­ing more fam­i­ly time and future-proof careers in technology.

After grad­u­at­ing from Momen­tum and start­ing my new career in tech, I now come home at a rea­son­able hour,” Craig says. I’ve been hav­ing a tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly din­ner every night for the first time in over a decade.” He con­tin­ues, There are cer­tain things mon­ey can’t buy, and that lifestyle exists in tech and that’s been a godsend.”

"After grad­u­at­ing from Momen­tum and start­ing my new career in tech, I now come home at a rea­son­able hour."

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So How Do You Switch Careers?

Hav­ing a good sense of what to expect and estab­lish­ing a strat­e­gy before com­mit­ting to code school will help you switch careers like a pro. With the right sup­port and resources, you can see return on invest­ment before you know it. Accord­ing to Craig, Short-term sac­ri­fices get you to the long-term goals.” Our grad­u­ates share their advice on how to switch careers through code school:

1. Set a Schedule

If you want to com­mit to code school, fig­ure out your sched­ule first,” Momen­tum grad­u­ate Micky McK­eon, tells us. For Micky, Momentum’s full-time Mon­day through Fri­day sched­ule meant that he had to con­sid­er each week­day in advance. He looked at the hours he would be home, the hours his part­ner would be home, and the times his chil­dren need­ed to be trans­port­ed from one place to another. 

But, in this time of remote learn­ing, set­ting a sched­ule may be even more impor­tant with kids at home. Cre­at­ing a dai­ly rou­tine for your­self and for your kids – and post­ing it some­where the fam­i­ly can see – will help man­age anx­i­ety and ben­e­fit the fam­i­ly. You can sched­ule breaks with the kids to play with them, help with school­work, or get some fresh air.
"Cre­at­ing a dai­ly rou­tine for your­self and for your kids – and post­ing it some­where the fam­i­ly can see – will help man­age anx­i­ety and ben­e­fit the family."

2. Com­mu­ni­cate with your community

Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” Micky says. Reach out to your friends and let them know your con­cerns and see if peo­ple can maybe watch your kids for free at some point. Let peo­ple know you need help.” 

Craig adds, Plan in advance with your net­work to elim­i­nate stress. From expe­ri­ence, if you ask for help, you will find sup­port.” But, kids will be kids, and you can expect your chil­dren to inter­rupt class from time to time. Com­mu­ni­cate with your instruc­tors and team­mates ahead of time about your situation.

Chances are oth­er folks are in the same sit­u­a­tion (and can share point­ers, too!). The more you can man­age expec­ta­tions and antic­i­pate dis­trac­tions, the more you can suc­cess­ful­ly nav­i­gate remote learn­ing and feel at ease about switch­ing careers.
"Code school is an invest­ment with proven finan­cial return."

3. Research finan­cial resources

Switch­ing careers is sim­pli­fied with the right finan­cial oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able to you. Code school is an invest­ment with proven finan­cial return. So even if pay­ing direct­ly is not an option for you, there are good alter­na­tives avail­able. Momen­tum lets you choose the way you pay, so you can work with our lend­ing part­ners to find the best finan­cial option for you. If child­care is a con­cern, Momen­tum offers Cost of Liv­ing funds specif­i­cal­ly for child­care through our lend­ing part­ner Skills Fund.
At Momen­tum, we do not want finan­cial lim­i­ta­tions to be a bar­ri­er for par­ents try­ing to switch careers into tech. We’d love to chat with you and help find the best pay­ment option for you. For Craig, The pay­off [was] well worth it.” Let’s help you get start­ed and switch careers like a pro.

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