Why a Career in Software Development Could Be Right for You

Katie Dunn By Katie Dunn ● November 30, 2020
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Inter­est­ed in work­ing col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly, solv­ing prob­lems cre­ative­ly, cul­ti­vat­ing action­able skills, and being a part of a fast-paced cul­ture? A career in soft­ware devel­op­ment could be right for you.
In the past, soft­ware devel­op­ment and sim­i­lar roles involv­ing cod­ing were often con­sid­ered to be reserved only for the most tech-savvy” of peo­ple. For years, soft­ware devel­op­ment was viewed as a niche skill that required an apti­tude for ana­lyt­i­cal and tech­ni­cal thought, and fur­ther, it was clas­si­cal­ly asso­ci­at­ed with head-down hack­ing” behind a com­put­er screen all day long. Con­sid­er the myths sur­round­ing soft­ware devel­op­ment careers debunked. Today, as the world becomes increas­ing­ly dig­i­tal and con­nect­ed, the mind­set around soft­ware devel­op­ment has shift­ed, as many are real­iz­ing that they already pos­sess the req­ui­site skills and back­ground to adapt to and make a dif­fer­ence in a tech-ori­ent­ed role. Put sim­ply, peo­ple have real­ized soft­ware devel­op­ment is an extreme­ly fas­ci­nat­ing and reward­ing field in which to work and that they are capa­ble of mak­ing the switch. On a dai­ly basis, soft­ware devel­op­ers have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to think flex­i­bly, work close­ly with eclec­tic engi­neer­ing teams, gen­er­ate refresh­ing insights, and often enjoy some pret­ty amaz­ing perks.
"Con­sid­er the myths sur­round­ing soft­ware devel­op­ment careers debunked."
There is a ton of ener­gy and opti­mism sur­round­ing a career in soft­ware devel­op­ment. The hype around soft­ware devel­op­ment is well-found­ed, as devel­op­ers can opti­mize process­es and con­tribute acute­ly to the cre­ation of new prod­ucts. Lead­ing com­pa­nies across all indus­tries are active­ly recruit­ing soft­ware devel­op­ers to join their teams to focus on growth areas rang­ing from cyber­se­cu­ri­ty to ana­lyt­ics to blockchain. Soft­ware devel­op­ers are entrenched firm­ly at the fore­front of busi­ness, enabling and pro­tect­ing their orga­ni­za­tions for the future. Tak­ing a glance at the Bureau of Labor Sta­tis­tics’ overview of the soft­ware devel­op­ment job mar­ket, the num­ber of avail­able soft­ware devel­op­ment jobs in the U.S. reached 1.4 mil­lion in 2018 and is pro­ject­ed to increase by 21% through 2028, much faster than average. 
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Accord­ing to ZipRecruiter, annu­al entry-lev­el salaries can be as high as $80,000. The aver­age entry lev­el soft­ware devel­op­er salaries is cur­rent­ly $57,486. Plus, soft­ware devel­op­ers are in demand and can gen­er­al­ly expect their salary to increase by 5 – 10% year-over-year as they gain expe­ri­ence. With about 5 – 7 years of expe­ri­ence, soft­ware devel­op­ers can expect salaries to reach six-fig­ures. In 2018, the medi­an annu­al salary for an expe­ri­enced soft­ware devel­op­er was $105,590, or $50.77 per hour. Soft­ware devel­op­ment jobs are sta­ble with high poten­tial for growth.

How to Start a Career in Soft­ware Development

Fun­da­men­tal­ly, becom­ing a soft­ware devel­op­er sim­ply requires a growth-mind­set, pos­i­tive dri­ve to learn new skills, and dili­gence. For those who are inter­est­ed in mak­ing the tran­si­tion to soft­ware devel­op­ment, the path­way has become clear­er and straight­for­ward with the rise of tai­lored pro­grams that are designed to help new­com­ers learn at their own pace, all while bal­anc­ing exter­nal life responsibilities.

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Mak­ing the prover­bial leap” and com­mit­ting to learn­ing soft­ware devel­op­ment full-time may seem daunt­ing, but many who have worked in non-tech­ni­cal roles have and are doing so suc­cess­ful­ly. For­tu­nate­ly, there are soft­ware devel­op­ment pro­grams that allow begin­ners to learn on their own terms at their own pace. To learn more about how to start your career in soft­ware devel­op­ment, con­tact us to start your pro­gram­ming journey.

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