How to Build Successful Technology Careers

By Katie Dunn ● 11/30/2020

How to Build Successful Technology Careers

By Katie Dunn ● 11/30/2020

There’s no better time to build successful technology careers. According to the latest data, the technology industry is one of the most pandemic-proof industries.

And the need for advanced IT and programming skills is expected to grow as much as 90% through 2030. At this critical time, those in technology roles or looking to start careers in technology can set themselves up for long-term success by cultivating their professional networks.

According to a Jobvite survey, 78% of recruiters find their best quality candidates through referrals. After referrals, social and professional networks are where recruiters look next for the right people. With that in mind, Katie Dunn, Momentum’s Director of Career Development, encourages creating a job search strategy that is 90% networking and only 10% applying to jobs. Katie shares that candidates who apply blindly online have about a 3% chance of being called for an interview whereas 80-90% of jobs are won through networking.

To prepare for what’s next, leverage your personal connections. If you’re in tech, Harvard Business Review recommends maintaining your network with actionable steps: leverage all of your communication tools to nurture relationships, get strategic with how you use social media, and prioritize growing your network. If you’re looking to start a technology career, the right code schools help by teaching software development skills and connecting students with extensive networks for career opportunities.

…80 to 90% of jobs are won through networking.

Three Ways to Maintain Your Professional Network

Focus on people, not job applications.

Get to know what people in your network are excited about in their organizations, ask about the resources they are looking for, and celebrate their updates on LinkedIn and similar channels.

Connect with the people where you’re applying.

For every job application you submit, look for 3 people at that company on LinkedIn to connect to and reach out to ask for a 15-minute conversation. Most job seekers won’t take this extra step and it can really differentiate you. In this conversation, you are looking for information about the company, the role, and potentially a referral for the job.

Know how to represent your skills in a really concise way.

Have a 1-liner that captures who you are and the value you can bring to a company. This is your elevator pitch. You have to be really clear about what you have to offer.

At Momentum, from the first day of class to graduation day and beyond, we are focused on connecting our students to our community. We foster networking opportunities with hiring partners and graduates to help start technology careers for our students.

We’re here to help start careers in technology. 90% of our graduates who qualified for Career Services have received qualifying job offers and are now enjoying meaningful careers in technology. And 78% of our graduates received those qualifying job offers within 6 months of graduating. So if you’re looking to pursue a career in the technology industry, we’re here to help. Learn more about how our Career Services works now.

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