The Best Professional Careers to Have in 2023

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/21/2023

The Best Professional Careers to Have in 2023

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 02/21/2023

Earlier this year, Indeed released its annual list of “best” jobs based on demand, compensation, and flexibility. While a number of factors are in play when determining what constitutes as one of the “best” jobs, availability, salary, and flexibility are not only extremely relevant today but also easier to measure than other factors at play. Based on these metrics alone, the top three jobs listed were full stack developer, data engineer, and cloud engineer. This means that, regardless of the continued tech layoff news, the tech sector remains promising for job candidates and those exploring a career change to tech.

Below, we explore these top three careers of 2023.

Best Professional Careers of 2023

#1: Full Stack Developer

At the top of the list, full stack developer was ranked as the best job of 2023. With a mean annual salary of nearly $130,000, there are almost 1,400 full stack developer jobs per million available, with 51% being remote or hybrid opportunities. A full stack developer works in both front- and back-end development, typically writing code and ensuring the functionality and maintenance of the software, website, or application.

#2: Data Engineer

Next on the list, data engineer was ranked the second best job of 2023 with a mean annual salary of roughly $135,000. As of Janaury 1, 2023, 879 data engineer jobs per million were available, with 44% being remote or hybrid. A data engineer uses code to build systems and prepare data for data scientists and business analysts.

#3: Cloud Engineer

Finally, cloud engineer was ranked the third best job of 2023 at a mean annual salary of $133,114 with 678 job postings per million available, 42% of which are remote or hybrid. A cloud engineer works to build and manage cloud-based solutions.

Give Coding a Try with Momentum

If you are looking for a new job or career, now is the time to explore tech. Not only are the top three best professional careers of 2023 in tech, but anyone can give it a try – whether you have a degree or not! When considering a new career, remember that you most likely have tons of transferable skills in your pocket. After all, from teacher to customer service representative, the skills needed to succeed in tech are seen in many different roles across industries.

A good strategy for making a career switch is identifying a path that leverages skills you already possess, is in high demand, and offers growth opportunities – all of which software development provides. You have many choices to learn how to code, but Momentum has the proven experience to help you launch a successful tech career. Click here to learn more about our 16-week full stack software development program, and apply for our next course beginning on March 13th.

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