Preparing to Search: Computer Science Bootcamp North Carolina?

By Lisa Goodall Ashkinos ● 02/28/2022

Preparing to Search: Computer Science Bootcamp North Carolina?

By Lisa Goodall Ashkinos ● 02/28/2022

Are you thinking about a career change to software engineering?

Maybe you went to college, but the degree you graduated with didn’t lead to a career that interests you anymore. Perhaps you’ve had a change in family circumstances, and you’re contemplating a change to a new career with higher salary potential to support your family. Or, maybe college just wasn’t possible for one reason or another, and now you’re ready to make your big move into a field where you will feel valued and be valued financially.

Whatever led you to this point, if you’re about to open up your browser and type in “computer science bootcamp North Carolina,” what should you think about before you start your online search?

Computer science is a high-demand field with thousands of open positions, and this may be a big change for you. It is a good idea to stop to consider: is software engineering a good career for you?

Pausing to research the possibilities for your future – before you search – is well worth your while.

The site Make Me a Programmer lists a host of reasons the field may be a perfect move, including:

  • Higher-than-usual salaries
  • Competitive and very creative perks
  • Overall happiness in the job
  • Job security
  • Possibility of working from home
  • Higher quality of life 

To dive in deeper, the site reports that there’s a lot to like about the field, reminding those thinking about a career change – like our readers who are getting ready to search computer science bootcamp North Carolina – that there are a number of benefits associated with pursuing this career path. 

The profession averages a six-figure salary, for example, and employers often offer additional perks (aside from pay increases) because software engineers are in such high demand. Those perks often include “relaxed dress codes, flexible work hours, remote work allowances, and various other offerings designed to make life more convenient and a work-life balance a priority.”

Then there’s the actual day-to-day life as a software engineer – something else to consider as you get ready to search “computer science bootcamp North Carolina.” Do you like problem solving, or working in teams? Do you love to build? Are you a creative thinker?

Many people don’t realize that enjoying the exploration process – harnessing their natural curiosity and drive to build working solutions – makes them a ready candidate for software engineering, just as math and science backgrounds lay a foundation for others considering the field.

Another consideration before you type in computer science bootcamp North Carolina is deciding whether a complete career change is the right choice. Perhaps you are not ready to leave your current job for an entirely new career, and maybe a lucrative side hustle is more your speed? 

Career Karma describes a long list of side hustle opportunities for trained software engineers who don’t necessarily want to leave their current role: 

  • Freelance as a developer, on a project basis
  • Start a blog or a content-based website
  • Become an online instructor 
  • Create an ebook
  • Become an affiliate marketer
  • Create an online community
  • Build and sell apps

Now that you have considered the options, and think the career path and the lifestyle in software engineering potentially sound like a match, as an entire career change or as a side hustle, one last step before you search computer science bootcamp North Carolina: do you have what it takes to succeed in software engineering, both in the training process and in your future career path?

The Balance Careers describes incoming hard and soft skills that can contribute to success in software engineering, including multitasking (organization, ability to prioritize, and being a stickler for meeting deadlines), teamwork (with an emphasis on collaboration and active listening with team members), and attention to detail (analytical skills, interest and talent for troubleshooting, along with creativity and critical thinking).

If a career path change is something you’ve been considering, and you’ve taken time to assess your own interests and skills that can contribute to success in the field of software engineering, please, go ahead and open up that browser and search computer science bootcamp North Carolina.

You’re ready to explore the next steps!

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