Exploring the Benefits of Alternative Learning Paths

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 09/01/2023

Exploring the Benefits of Alternative Learning Paths

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 09/01/2023
Exploring the Benefits of Alternative Learning Paths

In our growing digital world, traditional learning paths are not the only method for gaining knowledge and achieving a professional career. Alternative learning paths cater to a diverse population of individuals who may require non-traditional schedules and learning styles. It is becoming increasingly popular among professionals, with 81% of business leaders reporting that alternative learning paths will be pivotal in future training. As technology continues to develop, alternative learning services, like those provided by Momentum, can be an effective, convenient, and cost-effective option that helps individuals gain the necessary skills and relevant industry knowledge for a successful career in any industry.  

What is Alternative Learning?

Alternative learning is an approach that leverages non-traditional methods of instruction, as opposed to traditional K-12 schooling or higher education institutions. Alternative learning can be helpful for many students who are looking for a more personalized and flexible way to learn. There are many types of alternative learning paths, including vocational schools, E-learning and online instruction programs, self-directed learning courses, and more. These programs are a non-conventional way of acquiring knowledge or upskilling your current professional skills. There are various forms of learning that cater to what the individuals’ needs are or what skill they want to master that do not require a traditional sense of schooling or instruction.  

What Are the Benefits?

Gain Relevant Experience

Leveraging alternative methods of learning can better set you up with relevant experience and industry alignment. There are many programs created to offer niche specialties and targeted development, meaning that finding a course that meets your specific needs is not typically a challenge. For example, if you are looking for a specific coding language or software program to learn, there are dozens of programs at your disposal. Alternative learning paths can also be good for industries with rapid change, such as tech – due to the changing market and increasing tech advancement, online courses can adapt to teach the most recent and relevant knowledge for your role.   

Increase Flexibility

Alternative learning is especially beneficial for individuals who want a personalized and flexible learning experience. It allows individuals to tailor their needs to a specific program and time commitment. For example, adult participants in a program may have a job, kids, or responsibilities they are juggling during the typical schooling hours. With alternative learning, they can allot study and instruction time for an online nightly course, for example, allowing them to keep their daily schedule and not have to sacrifice other responsibilities or time commitments to do so. Additionally, individuals who have intellectual or physical disabilities or may struggle in a conventional learning environment (i.e., a typical classroom setting) can also benefit from alternative learning programs as courses cater to your physical setting and schedule. Alternative learning will also account for your competency level, creating a personalized learning plan that aligns with your goals.  

Save Money

Partaking in an alternative learning program is typically less costly than the traditional route. Not only do they allow you to continue to learn at a pace or in a setting that fits your schedule, but they can also cut out potential commuting and housing costs if fully remote. Physical barriers, like on-campus housing, contribute to the high costs of traditional learning. Online training courses, like Momentum, have a high opportunity for success while not sacrificing your everyday routine. They are overall more accessible and flexible than the college and university route. Additionally, the tech skills taught by programs like Momentum often have a high ROI and lead to high salaries, especially because tech skills are in high demand.   

Alternative Learning with Momentum

For those who are interested in learning more about tech but can’t attend a four-year institution, alternative learning courses are a great option. Or, if you’re interested in diving into the growing tech world but are already constrained with responsibilities or prefer a non-traditional learning environment, alternative learning might be the right next step.  

As technology reshapes schools and learning programs, professional growth is possible in several ways. Contact Momentum to learn more about our alternative learning programs and courses.   

Contributions from Leah Harding

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