3 Reasons Why Developers Should Complete a React.js Training Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 04/02/2021

3 Reasons Why Developers Should Complete a React.js Training Course

By Jessica Mitsch Homes ● 04/02/2021

As a developer, it can be overwhelming to consider the many opportunities available to help you take your skills to the next level, but completing a React.js training course can be a great place to start.

Especially as React.js gains more recognition, there are multiple reasons to consider advancing your understanding of this web framework through a training course.

Reason 1: React.js is rapidly growing in popularity.

React.js started to gain popularity over the past few years, and today, thousands of businesses from social media platforms to eCommerce sites utilize the web framework. React.js has become one of the most in-demand skills that companies seek out in software engineers, and therefore, 36% of professional developers use React.js – just behind the most used web framework, jQuery. React.js has been ranked highly as a top framework for developers to be familiar with, and nearly 69% of those that are developing with React.js expressed interest in continuing to develop with it, as noted in the Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey.By completing a training course, developers can advance their careers by staying current on popular skills such as React.js. And, with the annual salary for a developer skilled with React.js averaging $92,000, investing in a React.js training course can pay off.

Reason 2: React.js provides a variety of benefits to projects.

React.js can improve your projects in many ways. Designed with a modular structure, the components make it flexible, composable, and relatively easy to maintain. It also enhances projects with performance, speed, and simplicity. Additionally, React.js is a web framework that is relatively easy to try out, perhaps using testing within a smaller project feature to better explore benefits, as React.js does not make assumptions about the tech stack. After completing a React.js training course, developers can use their new skills in a pre-existing project and quickly observe improvements.

With a short period of training, developers can gain confidence in working with the intuitive web framework. 22% of developers who don’t already develop with React.js have expressed interest in doing so, leading with the largest amount of interest in learning this skill compared to other web frameworks. Additionally, compared to other tech roles, front-end developers often have fewer years of work experience, so continuing to expand your skillset can be beneficial to your career growth. 73% of professional developers learn a new language or framework at least once a year, with approximately 35% learning a new language or framework every few months – so any time is a good time to boost your skills with a React.js training course.

On April 14, Momentum is offering a 4-hour Level Up in React live virtual training to help front-end developers become up to date on React.js. The training will cover topics including function-based components and everything you need to know about hooks, building developers’ confidence in their React.js skills and providing tips for success. Register now to attend our React.js training course.

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