2023 Career Outcomes Report

By The Momentum Team ● 06/27/2023

2023 Career Outcomes Report

By The Momentum Team ● 06/27/2023
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Momentum has a tradition of publishing an annual report to highlight the tangible career results of those we have trained through our core offering: Momentum’s Software Engineering Program.

The outcomes detailed in this report describe the experiences of Momentum’s full stack engineering program graduates, including statistical feedback on course satisfaction, job placement rates, roles, starting salaries, and change in compensation over time, as well as direct graduate quotes on Momentum and post-Momentum career experiences.

Momentum is committed to preparing individuals for their future in technology and meeting the needs of the workforce of today and tomorrow. We are also committed to transparently reporting the career outcomes our Momentum-trained technologists are achieving. We are proud of the life and career changes that our graduates are making as a direct result of the hard work they put into learning software development.

Momentum’s 2023 Career Outcomes Report includes:

  • An outline of Momentum’s full stack engineering program curriculum
  • Momentum’s training and career placement methodologies
  • Graduate career outcomes and roles
  • A variety of other reported outcomes, ranging from technologies most widely used by Momentum graduates in their new roles to data on hybrid/remote work arrangements

Download the full 2023 Career Outcomes Report here>>

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