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What’s Python? How Do I Learn Python Skills?

By Mic­ah Rogers

Python is mak­ing head­lines, going main­stream, and being adopt­ed by orga­ni­za­tions of all sizes. We explore what makes the tech­nol­o­gy buzz-wor­thy and how you can learn the in-demand skill.

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3 Future of Work Trends

Jes­si­ca Mitsch


Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU Coding Bootcamp FEATURED

Why Now is the Time to Enroll in an RDU…

Today we’re talk­ing all about the Tri­an­gle, and why your enroll­ment in an RDU Cod­ing Boot­camp could be life changing.
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The Life of a Pro­gram­mer: First Projects After Bootcamp…

What bet­ter way to learn about the life of a pro­gram­mer than by div­ing into their day-to-day projects? Today, we’ll take a look at some of the first projects assigned to web…
How to choose a bootcamp Featured Image

How to Choose a Cod­ing Bootcamp

Know­ing how to choose a cod­ing boot­camp comes down to ask­ing the right ques­tions. Today we’ll dive into the best ques­tions to ask before you make your decision…


How Moms Are Finding Their Best Second Careers In Tech

How Moms Are Find­ing Their Best Sec­ond Careers in Tech…

Many moms are moti­vat­ed to use this time to find their best sec­ond careers – par­tic­u­lar­ly jobs in tech that make sense for them, their fam­i­lies, and their future…
Momentum staying home working software engineer

Stay­ing Home and Work­ing as a Soft­ware Engineer…

For many, stay­ing home and work­ing as a soft­ware engi­neer has been a seam­less transition.
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Posi­tion­ing Your Tech­nol­o­gy Skill Set for Success…

Align your career plan­ning and skill devel­op­ment with the large-scale shifts affect­ing how busi­ness gets done.

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3 Future of Work Trends FEATURED

3 Future of Work Trends

When it comes to the future of work trends, It’s no secret that the COVID-19 Pan­dem­ic made both employ­ers and employ­ees alike rethink.
Workforce Retirement Planning Why You Should be Upskilling Employees FEATURED

Work­force Retire­ment Plan­ning: Why You Should be Upskilling Employees…

Com­pa­nies should pri­or­i­tize cre­ative solu­tions like upskilling employ­ees as their most expe­ri­enced resources tran­si­tion to retirement.
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Why Your Busi­ness Should Invest in a Tech­ni­cal Train­ing Course…

Let’s talk about all things cor­po­rate train­ing, and see why a tech­ni­cal train­ing course for your employ­ees can be so valuable…


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How to Career Change with our New Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Part-Time Course…

We’re excit­ed to announce a new way to career change with a Soft­ware Engi­neer­ing Part-Time course built to meet your needs.
Why Investing in Corporate Python Training Makes Sense for Your Business

Why Invest­ing in a Cor­po­rate Python Train­ing Course Makes Sense

By Jes­si­ca Mitsch

Devel­op­ing the skillset of cur­rent, trust­ed employ­ees with a cor­po­rate Python train­ing course will pro­vide an enrich­ing devel­op­ment path for your talent.

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